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>> State - Uttaranchal
Sector Sugar Tender Value N.A.
Location Uttaranchal - India Ref.No 10533698
Closing Date 20 - Oct - 2014 Login to View Tender Details
#1. Ultrasonic Thickness Testing, Balancing & Radiography. #2. Supply of Hard Cock & Steal Coal, Bamboo, Rope, High Flow Pump Spare, Boiled Feed Pump, Reduction Gear Box, Centrifugal Machine, Vacuum Filter, Compressor, Tube well, Sugar Bag Stitching Machine, Sugar Back Stacker, Cane Cutting Knives, Domite Tips, Miscellaneous Hardware, MS Bolt Nut, CI/CS & Gunmetal Valve, Pipe Fittings, Tools Tackles, Welding Accessories, V-Belt, Brass, Copper, Supporting Liner SS Wire Netting, Industrial & Decorative Paint, Industrial Gases, Rubber Goods, Electric Items, Control Cards, Instrument Gauges & Calibrator, CCTV Camera, Computer Sets, Transit Heater, Rotax Type Solonide Valve, Air Cylinder Pneumatic Valve, Brake Liner, Plunger & Oring Kit of Rotax Valves, CICS & Gun Metal Casting, Final Molasses, Juice & Water Weighing Knife & Mechanical Weighbridge Spare. #3. Replacement work of Hydraulic Cap Damage Brass Liner. #*. Repair & Annual Contract of Intercom System, Computers etc. #*. Repair of Boiler Valves. #*. Repair of Damaged Rotor & Shaft of Power Turbine. #*. Cleaning & Painting work of Various places of Mill. #*. Oil Centrifuging. #*. Cleaning, Washing & Painting work of Boiler Chimney & Sugar Tanks. #*. Repair of Lathe Machine with Spares. #*. Refilling & Repair of Fire Fighting Extinguisher. #*. Refilling of Hydraulic Accumulators & Spares. #*. Boiler Clinker & Ash Removal. #*. Treatment of Sugarcane Seed by Soft Warm Air Plant. #4. Supply of Sanitation Materials, Medicine, Stationery, Printing Stationery, Packing Materials, Condenser Spray, Jet Nozzle, Cluster, Pipe, Cement, Load Sell for Electronic Weighing Scale, Pump etc. #5. Supply of Heavy Chemical, Other Chemical & Polarimeter. (Scanned Image - Hindi Tender)
Sector Education And Research Institute Tender Value N.A.
Location Uttaranchal - India Ref.No 11322586
Closing Date 07 - Aug - 2014 Login to View Tender Details
Supply of GI Elbow, GI Socket, Hexa Nipple.
Sector Education And Research Institute Tender Value N.A.
Location Uttaranchal - India Ref.No 11322547
Closing Date 07 - Aug - 2014 Login to View Tender Details
Supply of Hexa Nipple 20mm Dia Long, GI Nipple, GI Union.
Sector Education And Research Institute Tender Value N.A.
Location Uttaranchal - India Ref.No 11322568
Closing Date 07 - Aug - 2014 Login to View Tender Details
Supply of GI Pipe, Iron Hook, Bleaching Powder, GM Gate Valve.
Sector Sugar Tender Value N.A.
Location Uttaranchal - India Ref.No 10616123
Closing Date 07 - Aug - 2014 Login to View Tender Details
#1. Supply of Refractory Material, Industrial Gas, Mill Store & Hardware, Bolt Nut, CI Sluice Valve, Angle, Globe, Gate & Double Bit Valves, Valve & Cock/Gauge End Recorder, Non Ferrous Metal, Pipe Fitting, Tools Tackles, Welding Material, Rubber Hose/Sheet, Belting, Tyre Coupling, Brake Liner, V Belt, Wedge Belt, Wire Rope, SS Sheet, Rod, Spring Steel Flat, Iron & Steel. #*. Refilling work of Fire Fighting Equipments. #*. Providing of Lathe Machine Spares & Servicing Job. #*. Fixing & Balancing work of Missing Blade of Blohm & Voss Power Turbine. #*. Ultrasonic Testing & Dynamic Balancing works. #*. Cleaning of Brass Tube & Washing of Polythene Sheet. #*. Dismantling of Boiler Chimney & Construction of New Chimney. #*. Fixing of Sport on Boiler Chimney. #2. Supply of Coal & Cock, Copper Liner, Supporting Liner, Wire Netting, CI Casted Items, CS Casted & Other Machinery Items, Non Ferrous Casted Items, Mill Engine Spare, Cane Cutting/Mascherts Knife, Fiberizer Hammer, Domite Tips, Economizer Tube & Fitting etc. #*. Dismantling, Machining, Welding, Fitting & Balancing of Fiberized Shaft/Hub. #*. Boiler Retubing. #*. Work of Boiler Super Heater & Air Heater Tubes. #*. Workshop Machining Job. #*. Boiler Masonry works. #*. Cleaning & Painting of Various Stations/Plants. #*. Painting of Boiler Chimney. #*. Cleaning of Mill Gallery. #*. Supply, Dismantling & Cutting of RBI Steam Pipe. #3. Supply of Industrial & Decorative Paints, Tube Cleaning Equipments, Rubber Molded Goods, Sugar Trolley. #*. Supply of Spares for Centrifugal Machine, High Flow Pumps, Vacuum Filter, Tube well Submersible Pump Spare, Bamboo, Ladder, Medicine, Sanitation Material, Soap, Sand, Bajri, Brick, Cement etc. #*. Special Repair work of Fabrication/Erection. #*. Repair work of Vacuum Filters. #*. Cable Tray Making & Cable Fixing works. #*. Earthing of Turbine & Alternator. #4. Supply of Electrical Items – Motors, Insulating Material, Motor Spare, House Wiring, Bulb, Tube Road Luminiars, Cable, Meter & General Electrical Items, Resistance Box for Power Capacitors & Spring Motors, Panel for SD Centrifugal Machines. #*. Servicing & Sapres for Diesel Generator Sets/AVR Panel/Boiler Instrument Panel/PRD Station (with Material)/Auto Control System/Alternator/Super Heated Brass Water Control System/Rotary Compressors/Air Compressors/Truck Tripler/Tyco Auto Bagging Machine/Sugar Bag Stitching Machine/Electronic Sugar Weighing Machine/Portable Stitching Machine. #*. Supply of Bag Printing Machine, Stencil & Ink. #*. Work of Trancent Heaters Control System installed on Centrifugal Machine. #*. Repairing of SD Centrifugal Machine with AC Panel & Wiring. #*. Motor Rewinding. #*. Repairing of ACB & DC Motor. #5. Supply of Single Entry SS Condenser, Sugar Stacker, Belt Conveyor, Transit Heater, Tractor Front Hydraulic Dozer, White Metal Bearing of Feed Pump Turbine & Automatic Weighing Scale. #*. Transportation of Sugar with Stacking, Loading & Unloading. #*. Sinking of Seed & Rody Sugar. #*. Roof Repair work of Sugar Godown. #*. Repair & Civil Construction work in Factory & Colony. #*. Transportation of Construction Materials with Loading & Unloading. #*. Tube well Development work. #*. Construction of Roads. #6. Supply of Printing & Stationery Items, Computer Hardware & Software. #*. Annual Maintenance Contract of Cane Vament Network Support & Hardware, Weighing Scale. #*. Lagging & Insulation works. #*. Repairing of Hydraulic Thruster & Lubricator. #*. Testing & Refilling of Hydraulic Accumulator. #*. Balancing work of Basket of Centrifugal Machines. #*. Chemical Cleaning of Boilers with Materials. #*. Store Materials Handling works. #7. Unloading of Sugarcane & Loading in Truck. #*. Transportation of Sugarcane, Weighing Scale, Brick & Other materials. #*. Supply & Repair work of Load Cell of Electronic Scale. #*. Installation of Hand Pumps & removal by complete work. #*. Supply of Weighbridge Spares. #8. Supply of Heavy Chemicals, Sugar Process Chemical, Scale Softener, Marking Ink, Boiler Chemical, Biocide Chemical, Lab Chemical & Apparatus, Thread, Black Polythene Sheet, Polypropylene Sheet, Swiss High Precision Screening Fabric, Resin & Spare for DM Plant, Uniform Cloth, Shoe & Woolen Uniforms. #9. ETP Operation. #*. Cleaning of Godown. #*. Transportation of Liquid & Other Chemicals. #*. Printing of Bags. #*. Reprocessing of Sugars. #*. Sinking of Brown Sugar. #*. Reprocessing & Cleaning of Scrapping Sugar. #*. Cleaning of Sugar & Syrup Tanks. #*. Cleaning of Juice Heater, Pan & Evaporators Tubes. #*. Collection of Scrapping & Brown Sugar. #*. Cleaning/Washing of Houses. #*. Filling of Brown Sugar. #*. Cleaning & Ash Removal work of Chamber & S Chamber of Boilers. #*. Earth work in Boiler Furnace Door. #*. Bagasse Balling works. #*. Labour Supply for Bagasse Handling etc. #*. Garbage Removal works. (Scanned Image - Hindi Tender)
Sector Telecommunication Services / Equipments Tender Value Rs. 1.06 Crore (approx.)
Location Uttaranchal - India Ref.No 11138533
Closing Date 04 - Aug - 2014 Login to View Tender Details
Supply of GI pipe 50mm inner dia.
Sector Telecommunication Services / Equipments Tender Value Rs. 1.06 Crore (approx.)
Location Uttaranchal - India Ref.No 11155574
Closing Date 04 - Aug - 2014 Login to View Tender Details
Supply of GI Pipe 50mm Inner Dia.
Sector Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies Tender Value Rs. 2.50 Crore
Location Uttaranchal - India Ref.No 11303334
Closing Date 28 - Jul - 2014 Login to View Tender Details
Consisting of Supplying. Carting. Laying n jointing of supply Main of GI Pipe. Clear Water Sumps, Service Reservoirs located in the project n all other Civil Appurtenant works including Survey. Design, Checking designs of different civil structures.
Sector Roads Tender Value N.A.
Location Uttaranchal - India Ref.No 11209271
Closing Date 25 - Jul - 2014 Login to View Tender Details
Supply of Shuttering Items- Fixed Base Plate For 48.3 Mm OD MS Pipe/Tubes, MS Pipe, Heavy Duty Adjustable Stirrup Head, Right Angle Couple for 40 NB Pipe, Siewel Coupler for 40NB Pipe, Steel Shuttering Plate.
Sector Sugar Tender Value N.A.
Location Uttaranchal - India Ref.No 11207711
Closing Date 24 - Jul - 2014 Login to View Tender Details
#1. Overhauling & Repair work of Turbines. #*. Repair of Mud & Bagasse Conveyor Belt. #*. Oil Centrifuging. #*. Dismantling & Fabrication works. #*. External & Internal Cleaning of Boilers. #*. Replacement of Chimney installed in Boilers. #*. Repairing & Balancing work of Machines Basket, Bearing Housing. #*. Supply of SS & Seamless MS Pipes. #*. Supply of PVC Nozzle, Cluster & Square for Spray Pond. #*. Retubing of Oil Cooler of Power Turbine. #*. Supply of Double Beat Valve. #*. Installation of Digital Steam flow Indicator & Totalizer in Boilers. #*. Removal of Old ERFC System & Supply & Installation of New ERFC System in Boilers. #*. Fixing, Modification, Supply & Erection work of CI Grade Valve in Boiler Furnace. #*. Supply of Planer Machines Bad. #*. Supply of CS Wheel of Cane Unloader. #*. Supply of CI Piston Ring of Steam Engine. #2. Supply of Hardware, Mill Store, Welding Accessories, Pipe & Pipe Fitting, Turbine Spares, Computer Items, Cleaning Equipments, GM Casting, Domite Tips & Hammer, V Belt, Air Compressor Spare, Hard Cock, Steam Coal & Charcoal, Paints, Sugar Trolley & Trolley Wheel, Bag Stitching Thread, Polythene & Tarpaulin, Megnaflock, Fire Fighting Equipments etc. #*. Ultrasonic Testing & Dynamic Balancing works. #*. Repair of ERFC Panel, DC Motor Drive & Panel, Centrifugal Machines Panel, Air Circuit Breakers & Cane Unloader Thruster. #*. Checking of 75/400/500 AC & DC Motors. #*. Transport Sugarcane Weighing Scale & Installation & Stamping on Sale Centres. #*. Sugarcane Seed Purification work on Sugarcane Seed Purification Plants. #3. Annual Maintenance of Electronic Sugar Weighbridges. #*. Supply of Bakli Wood. #*. Repair of Godown Shutters. #*. Sinking work of Brown Sugar, Scrap Sugar & BISS Sugar. #*. Cleaning work of Juice Heater, Pan & Quad. #*. Transportation of Sugarcane. #*. Sugar Handling works. #*. Labour Supply. #*. Annual Maintenance work of Electronic Weighing Scale. #*. Ash Removal work in Fly Ash Arrestor. #*. Cleaning of Cane Carrier & Cane Yard. #*. Stamping work of Scale & Beam Scales. #*. Supply of Shoe of Mill Employee. #*. Supply of Uniform Cloth & Jersey for Employee. #*. Repair of Hot Water Sugarcane Seed Purification Plant. (Scanned Image - Hindi Tender)
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