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>> State - Uttaranchal
Sector Electronics Tender Value N.A.
Location Uttaranchal - India Ref.No 17766325
Closing Date 30 - May - 2016  |  27 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply Of Switch Disconnecter, Fuse Unit- 250a, S-D-F, Tpn-250a, Panel Mounted, Heavy Duty Fuse Switch Unit, L&T Make Type Fac-100, Street Light Fitting With Screw Cap Holder, Igniter, Capacitor Suitable For 70 Watt Metal Halide, Steel Chair With Arm, Make-Godrej, Methodex, Delite, Carbon Tetrachloride Commecial Grade In 500 Ml Bottle Pack, Centrifugal Pump With Induction Motor, Digital Pressure Gauge With Lcd Display, Socketed Gun Metal Gate Valve, Ptmt Engineering Thermo Plastic Bib Taps, G.I. Socket, Heavy Duty Brass Spindle For 15 Mm Pillar Cock, Syphon Washer For Pvc Cistern, Pvc Connection 18, G.I. Socketed Tubes Medium Class, Isi Marked, Lead Wool As Per Is 782(1978), Socketed Gun Metal Gate Valve, Super Wiz In 2 Gms Tube Pack, Pre Filter Of Ahu Size 508x622x10 Mm.
Sector Sugar Tender Value N.A.
Location Uttaranchal - India Ref.No 17816226
Closing Date 23 - May - 2016  |  20 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of refractory materials, hard cock/steam coal, bamboo, CI/CS/gun metal casting, MS bolt-nut, miscellaneous hardware, pipe fittings, tools-tackles, rubber goods, vacuum filter repair & spares, tube cleaning equipments, various electric items, brass/copper supporting liner & SS wire netting. #*. Rewinding & Fabrication work of AC-DC Motors. #*. Supply of TRPF roller, electric motor, PVC cluster, spare for high flow pump, boiler feed pump, reduction gear box, santry machine, compressor, tube well, sugar bag, stitching machine, lubricator, cane cutting knife, domite tips, gun metal valve, welding accessories, industrial/decorative paint, industrial gases, instruments, CCTV camera, computer set, translate heater, rotex type solenoid valve air cylinder new matic valve, break liner, rotex valve plunger & aoring kit, condenser spray, jet nozzle, pipe, static collar, cane unloader thruster, sanitation materials, medicines, stationary, printing stationary, cement, iron, steel, #*. Supply & AMC of PLC panel. #*. Annual maintenance contract of diesel generator set & spare part. #*. Repair of electric panel & card. #*. Store handling work. #*. Retubing work of boiler air hrater, super heater & economizer. #*. Work of live steam & exhaust pipeline. #*. Servicing of alternator. #*. Lagging & insulation work. #*. Repair of centrifugal machine. #*. Replacement of hydraulic cap damage brass liner. #*. Repair / annual rate contract for intercom system, computer, ERFC etc & supply of spare parts . #*. Repair of boiler valve. #*. ultrasonic thickness testing & balancing / radiography service. #*. Cleaning & painting of mill. #*. Work of oil centrifugal.#*. Cleaning of boiler chimany & shira tank & washing & painting work. #*. Repair of lathe machine with spare parts. #*. Refilling of fire fighting extinguisher. #*. Refilling of hydraulic accumulator. #*. Civil work. #*. Supply of computerized sugarcane weighing scale & other application software. #*. Repair of electronic cane weighing system & conversion of weighting scale. #*. Supply of mechanical weigh bridge spares. #*. Construction of kota foundation. #*. Transportation of weighing scale & fitting work. #*. Supply of compression type load cell. #*. Work of hand pump for sugarcane supply canter. #*. Transportation of sugarcane. #*. Sale of various scraps & boiler clinker. #*. Sale of press mud. #*. Supply of heavy chemicals. #*. Supply, repair & AMC of electronics sugar weighing machine. #*. Supply of juice screen fabric. #*. Supply of labors. #*. Supply of packing materials. #*. Contract for manufacturer department. #*. Sugar handling. #*. Consultancy service for ETP. #*. Supply of uniforms, clothes, shoes etc. #*. Sale of bagasse. (Scanned Image – Hindi Tender)
Sector Sugar Tender Value N.A.
Location Uttaranchal - India Ref.No 17955315
Closing Date 23 - May - 2016  |  20 Days to go View Tender Details
Cleaning of spray pond, ETP & service tanks etc. #*. Annual maintenance contract for photostat machine. #*. Supply of annual filling of molasses and cleaning of molasses tanks. #*. Cleaning & washing of mill house. #*. Cleaning of both boiler internal and external. #*. Supply of CS casting (trash plate, hubs, gears, pinion, couplings etc), AC motor, misc general stores, rubbers hose & sheet, non ferrous metals, tools & tackles, balancing & thickness testing, pipe & pipe fittings, SS & MS IBR flanges, CI sluice, gun metal valve, forged steel valves, butter fly valve, hardware etc. #*. Supply/conversion of gun metal bearings, chemical dozing pump, lubrication pump & feed pump etc #*. Replacement of boiler tube, panel, stubs, nipple etc. #*. Repair of lathe machines & other workshop machinery. #*. Repair of hand drill machine grinder etc. #*. Supply of cane cutting knives and fiberizer hammers & tips, refractory materials, spares and servicing of air compressors, paints, rubber goods, forged steel shafts, reduction gear box and spares, copper liner, SS screens & wire netting, wire & cables, bulbs, tubes & fittings, electrical goods, dynodrive and spares, spares and repair of chain pulley blocks, #*. Fabrication & erection Jobs. #*. Repair/modification/machining of deferent jobs in workshop. #*. Retubing of oil coolers of turbine. #*. Repair of cont. cfg. machine housing. #*. Supply & repair of mill hydraulic cap. #*. Repairing of submersible pump set rewinding of motor and supply of spares. #*. Centrifugation of lub. oil. #*. Supply of spare for centrifugal machine & lubrication system. #*. Repair of vacuum filter drum. #*. Supply of steel tank 1000 ltr cap. complete with tyre tube etc. #*. Supply of spares and servicing of bag stitching machine. #*. Supply of spares & Annual maintenance contract of tyco sugar weighing machines. #*. Supply of gauge and recorder, thruster for cane unloaders, electronic instruments, cleaning equipments, temperature recorder for boiler panel, ) BP hard coke & steam coal, V-belt, springs etc. #*. Cleaning of radiators (DG set, alternator & tractor). #*. Supply of oil cooler and oil filter of turbine and spares. #*. Repair, overhauling & AMC for ACFC. #*. Insulation work. #*. Supply of ID/FD/SA/bagacillo blower/fly ash fan. #*. Supply/ repairing/overhauling of different electronic control system & instrumentation systems. #*. ) Turbine governor calibration. #*. Testing & refilling of hydraulic accumulators and spares. #*. Supply of chemical cleaning of boiler, polythene sheet, bag closing thread & jute twine, ink for bag printing, heavy chemical, biocide, flocculant, lab chemical and apparatus, fire fighting equipment, #*. Supply of spare & AMC of weighing machine. #*. Servicing/AMC for de-super heating and PRD station. Supply, repair & calibration of control relay in power house. #*. Miscellaneous civil repair jobs works. #*. Civil works (ramp repair at out side cane centers. #*. Construction of damaged factory boundary wall. #*. Construction of damaged apron of sugar godown no. 5 and drain construction of sugar godown no. 1 to 4 and administrative block outer side. #*. Repair of guest house and factory school. #*. #*. Supply of industrial oxygen, DA gas and new cylinder for DA gas. #*. Sale of press mud. #*. Lifting of boiler ash. #*. Handling of sugar bags in drier house. #*. Supply of loose bagasse. #*. Handling of bagasse at RBC and bagasse yard. #*. Annual maintenance contract for screen printing machine & printing of gunny bags. #*. Unloading of store material. #*. Tube cleaning of juice heater pan, quad, semikeshner etc. #*. Minor repairing of bag stitching/tyco weighing machines. #*. Reprocess of brown sugar, moist sugar. #*. Painting of molasses tank, vertical crystallizer, vapor pipe etc. sugar elevator, column at cane carrier & boiling house etc. #*. Painting of flue gas chimney of boiler. #*. Repairing of overhead light fitted at portal & truss etc. #*. Annual maintenance contract of digital polarimeter. #*. Supply of spares, repair & overhauling of sugar stake. #*. Repair and overhauling of shutter of sugar godown. #*. Repair and overhauling of tractor dozer. #*. Tent on rent. #*. Annual maintenance contract or weigh bridges (electronic). #*. Supply of load cell for electronics weigh bridge. #*.Temporary electrification at cane out center. #*. Support/ AMC for computer hardware, software & networking. #*. Suppy of stationary Items, printing articles, spare for bag printing machine, uniform cloth, palladari of sugar bags etc. #*. Supply & repair of CCTV camera. #*. Loading of cane at cane out centers of doiwala & cane societies by labor & by cane loader (with driver, diesel & labor). #*. Transportation of cane. (Scanned Image – Hindi Tender)
Sector Security Services Tender Value Rs. 3 Million / 30 Lakh
Location Uttaranchal - India Ref.No 17850658
Closing Date 13 - May - 2016  |  10 Days to go View Tender Details
Repair To Flooring, Bathroom, Water Supply Fitting & Miscellaneous Works In Md Accn Under AGE BR-II, GE Clement Town.
Sector Business Consultancy Tender Value Rs. 4.25 Million approx. / 42.56 Lakh approx.
Location Uttaranchal - India Ref.No 17845661
Closing Date 09 - May - 2016  |  6 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of Material For Repair Works At Kedarnath Temple - Unslaked Lim, Surkhi, Flake Stone, Block Stone, Course Sand, Stone Aggregate, Cutter Blade, Fixing Exhaust Fans On Both Side Of Antrala Including Air Flow Ducts & Suction Pipe After Removal Of Non Functional Arrangement Of Exhaust Etc Complete, Providing Appropriate Wiring & Electrical Fixtures In The Temple, Providing Lightening Conductor On The Sikhara Of The Temple Including Testing / Commissioning.
Sector Power Plant Tender Value Rs. 4.48 Lakh approx.
Location Uttaranchal - India Ref.No 17939078
Closing Date 09 - May - 2016  |  6 Days to go View Tender Details
Procurement of Spares Parts - 420 Kv Double Tension Fittings For Quad Acsr Moose Conductor With Hardware Set, 420 Kv Compression Type Double Tension Fittings For Twin Acsr Moose Conductor : of 400 KV String Hardware Fitting Installed at 400 KV Switchyard at Koteshware HPP.
Sector Sugar Tender Value N.A.
Location Uttaranchal - India Ref.No 17603844
Closing Date 05 - May - 2016  |  2 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of reshelling of roller, chain and its spares, nickel screens, boiler tube, brass tube, stainless steel tubes, roller shaft, MS and GI pipes, general purpose electrodes, special electrodes, switch gears and spares, bearings, packing and jointing, pumps and its spares.
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