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>> State - Gujarat
Sector Municipal Corporations Tender Value N.A.
Location Gujarat - India Ref.No 20976184
Closing Date 25 - Dec - 2017  |  215 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of All side socket CI ‘T’, reducer two side socket C.I., Tail piece one side flange/one side plan C.I. in nagar palika. (Scanned Image - Gujarati Tender)
Sector Road Transport Services Tender Value N.A.
Location Gujarat - India Ref.No 23059978
Closing Date 05 - Jul - 2017  |  42 Days to go View Tender Details
Sell Of Non Used ,obsolete Spar parts Of Ashok Leyland & Tata Buses - Nozzle Capnut, Aluminum Bowl, High Pressure Pipe, Extractor, Engine Mounting Rear Bracket Rh, Non Return Valve Ja93, Spindle, Rocker Lever, Delivery Pipe, Oil Pipe Comp., Oil Pipe, S A Of Dip Stick Sp.Vkg., Control Shaft-265mm, Injector Pipe Set, S/A Brake Pedal., Eng Stop Control, Control Lever, Cntr Lever Rod Brk, Bracket, Pipe, Pipe Comp, Pipe Re Brake R.H., Air Pipe, Chasis Pipe Diesel Std, Diesel Tank Main Pipe, S.A.Of Exh.Pipe Sp.Vkg., Drain Plug Complete, Bracket Sp.Vkg., S/A Of Pipe Inlet, W.P. Seal Sp.Vkg., Valve Cool W P 6d Sp.Vkg., Oil Pipe, Oil Guage Pipe Comp., Oil Dip Stick 6.65 Euro Engine, Inj. Pipe , Plate Insulatingbus, C.E.Bearing, Pump Housing Euro I, D. Valve, Nozzle, Crank Shaft Flange, Adopter Disel M Pipe, Adopter, Rear Cam Shaft Needle Brg.Sp.Vkg, Main Brg Set, Connect Rod Brg , Conn Rod Brg , Diff.Brg Hoffman , W.P Brg., Cam Shaft Brk Comp, Toe I, Bracket, Rocker Bracket, Frt. Spg. Bracket, Brkt. Spindle, Bush Sp.Vkg., Oil Pump Shaft Bush, Bush, Dist. Bush, I. G. Bush Vkg, Drive Shaft Bush, Bush, Connecting Bush, Connect Bush, Main Leaf Bush , Spring Of Bush, Bush Coral, Bush For Cl.Pedal Brkt., Speedo Cable, Sub Assy.Earth Strap, Lock (circlip), Injector Pipe Brk, Pin Sp.Vkg., Pin, Seat Valve Exhaust Sp.Vkg., Pin Brake Shoe Sp.Vkg., Ancher Pin Brito, Shackle Pin Sp.Vkg., Lock Pin Of King Pin Sp.Vkg, Prop Shaft Key Flate, Key, Wood Roof Key (45 Gpm) Sp.Vkg., Strg. Key P201, Inner Die, Outer Die Sp.Vkg., , Cup R.H., Air Cleaner Base, Spring Cup L H Sp.Vkg., Diff Rear Cover, Guiters Push Rod, Fuse Junct.Box Cover, Bottom Cover, Bearing Cover, Bott Cover Sp.Vkg., Frt.Cover, Water Jacket Plate For Meta Cone, Stearing Foundation Bracket, Glinger (45 Gpm) Sp.Vkg., Side Water Rail Sp.Vkg., Frt Brg Cover Sp.Vkg., Front Cover, Side Cover Lh Fr/Rr, Counter Shaft Front Cover [sp.vkg.], Distance Piece, Distance Piece, Ring(Spcr)For Viking, Distance Piece, Dist. Piece, Clch Fac, Spacer, Distance Piece, Water Pipe Elbow, Exhaust Elbo , Inst Drive Housing, Compling Flange, Impeller , Pulley Alternator , Alt. Pulley, Water Pump Pulley, Dumper Pulley, Fly Wheel, Intermediate Gear, Driving Gear A/C, Instru. Gear, Change Wheel, Fourth Speed Wheel ., Third Speed Pinion, Gear 2nd Sp.Vkg., Fix Dog Rear & Ist Sp., Sliding Dog Isp, Axle Gear, Forth Speed Pinion, Jnt Drn Plug(Washer), Joint For Re Cover, Joint 0.30mm Thich, Joint(Top Cov Pkg), Timing Cover Packing, Chember Plug Packing "hlt", Joint For Manifold, Gasket, Joint, Packing, Thermostate Housing, Centre Piece Exhaust, Housing, Cover Tube, Pipe, Nylone Tube, Diesel Main Pipe, Bolt, W P Elbow, Rubber Hose Bottom, Flexi Hose, Hose Connection, Bend Hose Pipe, Water Outlet Pipe, Centre Tube, Oil Pipe, Aluminium Pipe Uro1, Aluminium Elbow Euro, Connection Pipe, Hose, Radiator Outlet Hose , Hose Radi.Make U Line To Copper Elb, Hose Make Uro1, Dip Stick, Speedo Metre, Jaw End, Jaw End, Ball Socket, Socket, Combination Switch, Isolatoer Switch, H.L. Bulb, H.B. Lever R.H., Speed Change Fork4&5, Steering Lever Sp, Track Rod Lever, Lever Shaft(Muffler), Lever, Strg.Lever, Axle Tube Assy R.H., Wearing Plate Pad, Rubber Buffer, Frt Spring Buffer Sp.Vkg., O Ring Sp.Vkg., Valve Steam Seal [sp 1 Spring], 'o' Ring Naj, Oil Seal Fly.Wheel Hsg., Main Brg.Oil Seal, Oil Seal King Pin Old Vkg., Oil Filter Ring, Rubber Ring, W.P.Seal, Main Brg Oil Seal, Sealing Ring, W.P."o" Ring, O Ring Sp.Vkg., Etc.
Sector Power Plant Tender Value N.A.
Location Gujarat - India Ref.No 23057332
Closing Date 27 - Jun - 2017  |  34 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply Of Ss Seamless Pipe .
Sector Power Plant Tender Value Rs. 2.30 Thousand
Location Gujarat - India Ref.No 23144414
Closing Date 27 - Jun - 2017  |  34 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of SA333 GR.6 Seamless Pipe.
Sector Education And Research Institute Tender Value N.A.
Location Gujarat - India Ref.No 22994789
Closing Date 15 - Jun - 2017  |  22 Days to go View Tender Details
Purchase of different items, trainee toolkit, shop-outfit and Machinery of Various Trades - 1/A Tools &equipment (Mechanical & Auto Group) & 1/B Tools & equipment (Electrical & Computer Group) - Adjustable spanner, Air compressor, Air Gauge, Air gun, Anvil, anvil stand, Appron, Argon Gas pressure regulator with flow meter, Bath tub small size, Bench drilling machine with chuck and key, Bench vice, Bench vice 300mm jaw, Bending spring external type for copper tube 3mm to 16mm DIA, Bent and Square nose plier, Blow lamp, Box Spanner set, Branch Gimlets, caliper 15cm hermaphrodite, caliper inside 15cm spring, caliper outside 15cm spring, Capillary plug gauge, center punch 10cm, Chain pipe wrench, Chipping hammer with metal handle, Chisel cold flat, Chisel Cross Cut, Chisel Diamond Point, Chisel Round Nose, CO2 Gas pressure regulator with flow meter, Coil Tester, Combination Pliers Insulated 200mm, combination Pliers 150 mm, Combination set 200 mm, comparators stand with dial indicator, Compound gauge, Compressor gauge, Compressors testers for small hermetic compressors Fixed, Conduit pipe bending machine, Conduit pipe cutting and threading machines adjustable, Cutting pliers, Cylinder 134 a 5 kg, D.E spanner 6-32 mm, D.E. Pedestal Grinder With Two Wheels 175mm Rough And Smooth, Depth scale, Diagonal cutter, Dial Gauge Metric, Dial thermometer remote control, Conduit pipe bending machine, Diamond cutter, digital micrometer, digital vernier caliper, Divider spring joint length 150mm, Dividers 200 mm, dot slot punch 10cm, Ring Spanner Set, Double face hammers, Drill Twist (straight shank), Electric Hand Drill EJ3C type, Electrical drill portable drill with chuck and key, Electrode holder 600 amps, Engineers square 150mm with 5’ tolerance, file flat 25cm second cut, file flat 25cm smooth, File flat 350 mm bastard, File Flat Rasp 250 mm, File flat rough 300 mm, File flat rough double cut 200mm, File flat 150mm smooth, File flat, File Half Round 2nd Cut 250mm, File half round bastard 300 mm, file half round fine second cut 15cm, File round 300mm 2nd cut, FILE ROUND 2nd CUT 150mm fine, File set of 300 mm (assorted), File square, File triangular 150mm 2nd cut fine, File Triangular Rough 250 mm, File Triangular Smooth 200 mm, Filler gauge 0.05 mm – 1 mm, Fin straightened/fin comb. With strong steel wire based combing on wood, Fire buckets 10 Litre, Fire Buckets with stand, Firmer chisel 1", Firmer chisel 6,12,25mm, First Aid box, Flaring tool set, single type for tube. 4.7mm to 16mm O.D, Flash back arrester (cylinder mounted), Flash back arrester (torch mounted), Flat smithy tong, Flat Tongs 350mm long, Foot print Grip 250 mm, Gas leak detector for halogen gas size, gauge plug single 3 ended 5 to 55 by 5mm set of 11pcs., gauge snap Go and not Go 25 to 50mm set of 6pcs., Goggles pair welder 100 mm, Grease gun., Grover set 4mm forming, Hack saw frame fixed 300 mm, hacksaw frame fixed 30cm, Hammer ball peen 250 gms, Hammer ball pane 1 kg with handle, Hammer Ball Peen 0.50kg, Hammer ball pein 50 grams, Hammer cross Peen 0.50 kg, Hammering drilling machine, Hand blower portable complete 1/10 HP, hand reamer adjustable cover max 9,12,18mm-set of 3, Hand Saw, Hand vice 50mm jaw, Hide Face Hammer, Hollow Punch, 100 mm, Hydraulic pressure machine for testing leakage in GI pipe fittings etc, Instrumentation screw driver set 100mm, Jack plane, Knife Electrician D.B, Knife folded stainless steel – 150mm, Knives, 100 mm., L-Allen key set size 1.5mm to 6.4mm, Lapping plate 250mm x 200mm, leather apron, Leg vice, 75mm jaw on Stand IS -2588, Letter punch set 6 mm, Level spirit wooden 300 mm, Long nose plier, 150 mm, machine vice 100mm, machine vice 15cm, Magnetic Spanner set., Magnifying glass 100 mm Dia, Mallet Medium IS: 2922, Marking Table 900X600X900mm high, Micrometer outside measurement 0 to 25mm, Micron vacuum gauge capable of reading up to 20 microns, Mirror, Mortise Chisel, Number punch set 6mm, Odd leg caliper 200mm, Oil can 500 ml, Oil gun., Oil stone 150X50X25mm, Philips screw driver – complete set in leather case, Philips screw driver 200 mm., Piercing pliers & reversing valve with access fitting 6-18mm, Pinch of tool for copper tube, Pipe /Tube bender lever type 3-16 mm, pipe bender spool type up to 25mm with stand manually operated, Pipe bender (Hydraulic type), Pipe cutter miniature for copper tube 3mm to 16mm DIA, Pipe cutter with built in reamer and space cutter for copper tube, Pipe stock and dies, Pipe vice to grip up to 77 mm is -2587, Pipe wrench 50mm to 150mm, Piston ring expanders, Pliers flat nose 150mm, Pliers long nose 200 mm, PLUMB BOB 115grams, Plumb bob 50 grams, Plumbers Laddle, Plumbers’ metal melting pot 10 kg, Plumbing hammer weight 200 gm, Portable extension ladder aluminium 6 to 9 meters, Portable forge, Pot- Hook, Pressure gauge Digital type diameter 63mm with recalibration set, Puller 3 legged with flexible arm, punch hollow 6mm to 19 set of 5, punch number set 3mm, Rachet pipe, Ratchet spanner of
Sector Power Plant Tender Value Rs. 2.93 Million approx. / 29.39 Lakh approx.
Location Gujarat - India Ref.No 23032907
Closing Date 13 - Jun - 2017  |  20 Days to go View Tender Details
Work of complete overhauling and modifications with replacement of required spares  of available fluid coupling of coal mill in unit no.1& 2 to be retrofitted in unit no 3 at KLTPS - Shaft, Flexible Coupling, Oil Seal, Circlip External, Nut Nylock, Hex. Head Bolt, Runner Bolt Hex Head, Hex Head Screw, Plain Washer, Hex Head Screw, Nut Clevilock, Bonded Seal, Filling plug, Joint Casing Bearing Lin, Joint Casing / IMP, Joint Chamber / IMP, Star Washer, Adaptor Plate, Spring Washer, Adaptor Plate, Fusible Plug, Counter Sink Screw, Dowel ( casing), Cover Plate, End Cover / Seal HSG, Star Washer, Insert IMP / Cham, Insert M12, Fusible Plug Seat, Hex Head, Insert M12, Insert CSG / BRG HSG, Washer Fusible plug, Extraction Bolt.
Sector Scientific Instruments Tender Value N.A.
Location Gujarat - India Ref.No 23102818
Closing Date 12 - Jun - 2017  |  19 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of Aldec Prototyping Adaptor.
Sector Crude Oil / Natural Gas / Mineral Fuels Tender Value N.A.
Location Gujarat - India Ref.No 23149045
Closing Date 12 - Jun - 2017  |  19 Days to go View Tender Details
Manufacturing, Testing, Inspection & Supply of Pipes for Vgo-Hdt Unit for Bs-Iv Project, IOCL Gujarat Refinery.
Sector Security Services Tender Value Rs. 4.50 Million / 45 Lakh
Location Gujarat - India Ref.No 23158137
Closing Date 10 - Jun - 2017  |  17 Days to go View Tender Details
Special Repairs To Various Em Installations Including Services Repair Replacement Of Soil Pipes And Waste Pipe In Certain Md Otm Accn Including Repairs To Shafts Clearing Of Line And Construction Of Store Room In Map At Darjipura At Af Stn.
Sector Road Transport Services Tender Value N.A.
Location Gujarat - India Ref.No 22862081
Closing Date 08 - Jun - 2017  |  15 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of Material Kit Brake Lining, Clutch Disc Facing Kit, Kit Lining Set, Spare Kit For Rear Brake Liners, Aluminum Rivets Kit, Withdraw Plate, Disc Facing Service Kit, Clutch Disc Facing Kit, Clutch Lining, Rear Brake Liner, Frt. Brk . Liner, Rear Kit Lining Set , Cold Formed Hollow Steel, M S Erw Pipe Etc.
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