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>> State - Gujarat
Sector Crude Oil / Natural Gas / Mineral Fuels Tender Value N.A.
Location Gujarat - India Ref.No 18373996
Closing Date 05 - Aug - 2016  |  37 Days to go View Tender Details
Procurement of flanged tubing head with hanger for 1.315 tubing.
Sector Education And Research Institute Tender Value N.A.
Location Gujarat - India Ref.No 18146940
Closing Date 04 - Aug - 2016  |  36 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply, Fabrication, Installation, Testing and Commissioning Of Cooling Water Header Pipelines & Distribution Manifold.
Sector Power Plant Tender Value N.A.
Location Gujarat - India Ref.No 18617510
Closing Date 29 - Jul - 2016  |  30 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of Casing caping, size 32/12 mm, IVORY coloure as per IS 14927 part-2.
Sector Water Storage and Supply Tender Value Rs. 87.95 Million approx. / 8.79 Crore approx.
Location Gujarat - India Ref.No 18517275
Closing Date 25 - Jul - 2016  |  26 Days to go View Tender Details
Designing, Constructing, Testing And Commissioning Of Wit, Rcc, U.G. Sump, Sump And Rcc Esrs, Pump House, Providing, Supplying, Lowering, Laying Jointing And Commissioning Of Di Pipes, Pvc Pipes, Including Supply Installation Testing Commissioning Of Pumping Machinery With Oil Allied Work Complete, Including Three Monts Trial Run Or Deodar Rubon Wss Based On Nmc Samala Off Lake Point.
Sector Water Storage and Supply Tender Value Rs. 87.95 Million approx. / 8.79 Crore approx.
Location Gujarat - India Ref.No 18571639
Closing Date 25 - Jul - 2016  |  26 Days to go View Tender Details
Designing, Constructing, Testing & Commissioning of WTP, RCC U.G. Sumps & RCC ESRs, Pump House, Providing, Supplying, Lowering, Laying, Jointing & Commissioning of DI pipes, PVC pipes, Including SITC of Pumping Machinery with all allied work complete including three months trial Run of Deodar Ruban WSS based on NMC Samala off take point Ta.
Sector Crude Oil / Natural Gas / Mineral Fuels Tender Value N.A.
Location Gujarat - India Ref.No 18519040
Closing Date 21 - Jul - 2016  |  22 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of various sizes of 3LPE Coated ERW Pipe as per technical specifications.
Sector Education And Research Institute Tender Value N.A.
Location Gujarat - India Ref.No 18582819
Closing Date 19 - Jul - 2016  |  20 Days to go View Tender Details
Purchase of Raw Materials (Automobile , Electrical and Electronics) - Air Preassure Guage 0 To 150 Psi, Autocop Sc-4165 Central Locking System For Suv Car, Autocop Xs-6500a Central Locking System For Suv Car, Automobile Thinner, Battery, Break Pad Maruti 800, Car Dash Board Clock Alarm Clock And Stop Watch With Flexible Stand, Car Washer Gun With Clamp Copper, Car Washer Pipe, Car Wax Polish 500gm Packing, Fan Belt 09 Cjw1142 Fenner B40, Fan Belt For Maruti 1000, Fog Light For Tavera Left And Right), Hydraulic Jack 3 Ton Capacity Cylinder Full Kit, Injector Cleaning Chemical, Mobile Charger, Petrolium Jelly, Skill Air Blower, Speed Wave Car Metal Border Led Light Tectengle White Tomota, T- Flax Tube Set, Tail Light For Indigo Car, Tube Less Tyre Puncture Kit, Tube Puncture Repair Kit, Wheel Balancing Weight, Wheel Balancing Weight, Wheel Rear Cylinder Maruti, Wiper Blade For Tavera, Flexible Copper Wire Pvc Insulated 91 Mtr Coil, 1.5 Sqmm Four Core Coper Flexible Cable 50 Mtr Coil, 1.5 Sqmm Three Core Coper Flexible Cable 50 Mtr Coil, 16amp 5 Pin Socket, 2 Pin Plug Top 230v, 2 Pin Socket 6 Amp, 2 Pole Mcb With Encloser 16 Amp, 2.5 Sq.Mm Copper Lugs U Type, Pvc Copper Wire, Pin Socket, Alluminium Lugs, Ameter, Angle Holder 5a 230v Ac, Armed Cable, Banana Terminal 440v, Bar Magnet 12 X 6 X 50 Mm, Bare Copper Wire 14swg, Bare Copper Wire 8 Swg, Batten Holder 5a 230v Ac, Binding Wire 22 Swg, Brekelite Angle Holder 6a, Buzzer Electrical 230v, Capacitor, Ceiling Fan Bearing Skf, Celling Fan Nut And Bolt With Pin 13 Mm, Cfl Lamp, Condensor, Copper Lugs Ring, Copper Lugs Tubular, Copper Plate 600 X 600 X 6.35 Mm, Core Switch For Refrigerator, Crocodile Pin Set For 12c, Ding Dong Bell 230v, Dol Starter 10a 250v, Dol Starter 440v 3 Phase, Dol Starter, Drill Bit 2mm S.S Jk, Elcb 16a, Elcb 30ma Single Phase, Electric Bulb, Electrical Water Immersion Heater, Electrolite Liquid 1240 Gravity, Extension Board Heavy (10 Meter), Frequency Meter 0-55hz Lab Type Moulded Case Analouge, Grace Board Laminated, H.S.S. Drill Bit 3 Mm, Hook Up Wire, Hpmv Chowk 80 Watt, Hpmv Edition Screw Type Lamp Holder, Hpmv Lamp 80 Watt, Hpsv Chowk 150w, Hpsv Lamp 150w, Hss Drill Bit 6 Mm, Ignitor For 150w For Hpsv, Incandencent Lamp 200 Watt, Indicator Lamp Flus Type 230v, Ac, Jig Saw Blaed (for Wooden Board), Kirchof's Law Ckt Kit 220v Training Kit, Kit Kat Fuse Flus Type 6 Amp 230v Ac, Kit Kat Fuse With Holder 3a, Kit Kat Fuse With Holder 5 A, Lamp 12 V With Holder Screw Type, Lamp 12 Volt 5 Watt D.C, Lamp 60w, Lead Acid Battery 12v, Led Lamp, Street Light Fixture, Led Multi Color Lamp 3v, Lug Board, M.S. Stud 12 Mm, Machine Screw 25 X 8, Manual Dol Starter With Over Load Relay, Marcury Wapor Lamp Chowk 125 W, Mcb Dp 6a With Pvc Enclousre 230v, Mcb Single Pole 16a With Pvc Enclousre 230v, Metal Helaid Belast 150w, Metal Helaid Lamp 150w, Metal Screw 25 X 8, Motor Wounding Cleaning Brush, Moulded Plastic Board 6" X 6" For Wiring, Neutral Connector, Nicrome Wire 22 Swg, Nion Sign Tube Fitting With Chowk With I.T.I. Letter, Non Polarity Capacitor 10 Mf 125v, Off Push Button With Green Colour 1 No Contact, Ohm's Law Ckt Testing Kit Training Kit, On Off Push Button Switch, On Push Button With Green Colour, One Way Piano Type Switch 6 Amp 220v, Pcb For Led Lamp, Pendent Holder 6a 230v Ac, Potentio Meter 10 K 2w, Puf Insulation 1x1 Meter, Push Button Starter For Bench Type Drilling Machine, Pvc Alluminium Wire, Pvc Block One Way, Pvc Bobin Core 1" X 1", Pvc Copper Cable Multi Strength, Pvc Copper Wire, Pvc Gang Box Two Way, Pvc Insulated Alluminium 1/18 Wire, Pvc Insulation Adhesive Tape, Pvc Lamp Holder With Cap, Pvc Solid Coper Wire 0.5 Sq Mm 91 Mtr Coil, Pvc Solid Coper Wire 1 Sq Mm 91 Mtr Coil, Pvc Tiv, Rcc Drill Bit, Reverse Forward Starter, Single Phase Starter 16 Amp, Single Pole Five Way Rotary Switch, Soldering Stick 250 Gramme Stick, Spring Tension Type Lamp Holder, Star Delta Electronics Timer, Start Stop Push Button, Switch, Switch Dpst 16a, Switch Icdp 16amp, Switch Ictp 16a 500v, Switch Spdt 16amp 240v, Switch Spst 16a, Tag Board 20x 20 Lead, Tick Wood Baten 25 X 12 X 200 Mm, Tick Wood Board 300 X 450 Mm, Torch Lamp 6a, Torch Lamp Holder, Tube Light Chowk 40w 250v, Tube Light With Fixture T-5, Twin Flourocent Tube Light With Fixture And Starter, Two In One (5 Pin) Socket 230v 5a, Two Way Switch 5a, Vibrating Electrical Bell 230v, Voltmeter Ac, Water Proof Tape Roll, Whist Bridge Kit, Wire Nail 15 Mm Long, Wooden Board, Wooden Screw, Yureka Wire 18swg, 2 Way Compact Wall Speakers With Wall Mounting Stand, 24 Port Lan Switch D-Link, 250 Watts High Power Pa Amplifiers, Aa Cell, Aaa Cell, Alluminium Lugs Dia 3 Sq.Mm, Ameter Dc 0-100 Ma, And Gate Circuit Kit, Asorted Registor, Assorted Potentio Meter, Assorted Registor Box, Assorted Type Fix Capacitor, Assorted Type Transistor, Assorted Type Varable Capacitor, Battery 12v 50 Ah, Bnc Connector, Bridge Diode, Bright White 14 Watt Led Light Bulb, Calculator, Capacitor, Carbon Registor 150 Ohms,
Sector Water Storage and Supply Tender Value Rs. 1.69 Billion approx. / 169.55 Crore approx.
Location Gujarat - India Ref.No 18571366
Closing Date 19 - Jul - 2016  |  20 Days to go View Tender Details
Designing, Constructing, Testing & Commissioning of Pump House, RCC Under Ground Sump at Sub head works, Providing, Supplying, Lowering, Laying, Jointing, Testing and Commissioning of Mild Steel Pipes with 3 LPE (Out Coated) and in lined solvent free epoxy paint for rising mains, Ductile Iron Pipes including Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Pumping Machinery and all allied work complete with post completion O&M for five years for ‘Narmada River Basin (Hafeshwar).
Sector Education And Research Institute Tender Value N.A.
Location Gujarat - India Ref.No 18587346
Closing Date 19 - Jul - 2016  |  20 Days to go View Tender Details
Purchase of raw materials - 2h Pencil, Air Dry Vernish, Ambi Pur Air Freshner Minimum 250ml, Astral Coupling, Astral Elbow, Astral Pipe, Astral Reduser, Base Stand Plastic With Wheel For Revolving Chair, Blade Set For Bosch Jigsaw Gsti35bse Machine, Bucket Acid Proof Unbreakable, Cd Cover, Cello Tap 1/2" 60 Mtr Long, Cello Tap, Cement 53 Grade, Chain For Bosch Gke 35 Bce Professional Chainsaw Machine, Color Reel Tailors M/C Sewing Thread, Computer Cover Set With Led 18.5 Monitor Cover, Copper 1/2" Ball Valve, Copper Sulphate, Cotton Fabric, Cotton Tatting Lace For Dress, Cotton Waste 2' X2 ' Long, Dhoti Canvas - Fusing Canvas, Door Mate 3'X4' Green Grass Type, Dot Matrix Printer Paper 10" X12", Drawing Sheet Imperial Size Snow White 56x 76 180 Gsm, Dust Bin Foot Operated Plastic, Emerry Paper, Fevikol Tube, Fiber Wage, First Aid Box With All Medicine, Floor Mope With Handel & Bucket All Accessories, G.I. Coupling Threaded 19 Mm Dia, Glass Cleaner For Window 750ml Colin, Glass For Drinking Water Steel, Glend, Gum Bottle, H Pencil, Hand Needle, Hand Wash, Hb Pencil, Hcl, Hcl Mild, High Lighter Pen Set 6 Nos Set, Jacquard Fabric With Jacquard Weave, Lamination Stamping 'E' Type For Bobin Core, Lathroid Paper, Lock Big Size With 3 Key, Machine Dori, Measuring Tape, Methanol (LAB Grade), Mild Hydraulic Acid, Mild Salfuric Acid (ELECTRO Lite), N2 Gas Cylinder, Note Book 200 Pages Blu Line, Oil Paint Color Black 1 Litre Tin Pack, Paint Brush, Paper Punch, Permenent Marker Pen Red And Blue Colour Set, Phenol Phthallin, Plastic Tray 2'X1', Ply Wood Sheet, Push Pin, Red Oxide Paint 1 Liter Tin, Room Freshner Ambi Pur Air Effects 275gm, Rubber (ERASER), Rubber Mat, Rubber Pipe, Rubia Cotton, Sand Paper Smooth, Scissor Blade Brass Handle, Shampoo Pouch 8ml, Sharpner, Sketch Pen 21 Color Set, Sketch Pen Chiesel Type 12 Colour Set, Soap 185 Gramme Tide , Sodium Hydroxide Pellet, Soframycin Tube 20 Gramme, Soft Board Push Pin (COLOUR), Stapler Pin 24/6 Size 20 Packet Box, Stapler Pin, Stapler, Sulfar Powder, Table Cloth 8' X 6', Table Glass, Taflon Tape, Tolune, Typing Ribbon 10 Meter Long, Water Jug 10 Litre Milton, Wax, White Board Duster, White Board Marker Pen, White Board Marker Pen Ink, White Cement, Whitener Tube Pen, Wire Brush (SMALL), 1/2" X 5" Nut Bolt With Washer Full Thread, Acid Proof Flexible Hose Pipe, Ag-4 For Grinding Cutter Wheel 105x1x16mm, Allen Bolt M-6 X 1.0 Pitch 25 Mm Length, Allen Key Bolt 1" X Diia 0.2" X 20 Tpi, Alluminium Lug 2.5 Sq Mm, Automatic Expansion Valve, Ball Brass Valve, Ball Cock 1", Ball Valve Brass, Bench Vice Spindle And Boxner, Bib Cock, Brass Bolt With Nut And Washer, Brass Handle, Brass Union, Brazing Flux, Brazing Rode Copper, Butane Gas With Nozzle 225 Gramme, C.I Block, C.I. Round, Capalary Tube 0.036" 0.055" Each 2 Meter, Carbide Drill Bit Dia 6- Dia 10 Each 1 No, Carbide Tip Lathe Tool V Tool, Carbide Tools Tiped Lathe Tool Side Tool Lh, Carbide Tools Tiped Lathe Tool Side Tool Rh, Cellu Lose Lect, Centre Drill Bs, Copper Pipe, Copper Rode, Copper Tube, Cork Sheet 3 X 3 Feet, Counter Ache Head Screw For Vice Jow Plates, Coupling G.I. 1/2", Dhoba Khilla 50mm Long, Drill Bit 3 Mm (FOR Wood) Jk, End Mill Cutter Insert (FOR Vmc 430), Face Mill Insert Cutter 16 Mm Size Dia 63 Mm, Filling Rode For Copper Tube Brazing, Flair Nut 6 Mm, Flange Set With Screw Bolt With Gasket 2", G.I. Bend, G.I. Couplin, G.I. Elbow, G.I. Mosquito Net, G.I. Nipple, G.I. Sheet, G.I. Reducer, G.I. Socket, G.I. T, G.I. Union, G.I. Wire 8 Swg, Galvanised Roof, Grinding Wheel 300mm X 40mm Thick X 50 Dial Hole, Grinding Wheel Alluminium Oxide Wheel, Grroving Tool, H.S.S Drill Bit Dia 10 Mm, H.S.S Hand Hacksaw Blade, H.S.S High Speed Hacksaw Blade, H.S.S Lathe Tool Bit, H.S.S Machine Hacksaw Blade, H.S.S Parallel Shank Twist Drill, H.S.S Tool Bit 12x 12x 150 Mm, H.S.S Tool Bit 16 X 16 X 125 M T-42, Handle, Hard Material Tools H.S.S Tool 100 Mm Length, Hermatic Shilded Compressor, Hex Nipple 1", 1/2" Each 6 Nos, Hose Clamp ½", Hydraulic Oil For Cnc M/C Sae20w50t, Lapping Pest, Lathe Tool Bit 8 X 75, Low Alloy Hand Hacksaw Blade 18 Tpi, Low Alloy Hand Hacksaw Blade 24 Tpi, M.S Nut And Bot 10x 100 Mm, M.S Rivet Flat Head 4 X 8 Mm, M.S. Angle, M.S. Block, M.S. C - Chanel 75 X 40 Mm, M.S. Conduit Pipe 19 Mm Dia 10 Feet Long, M.S. Flat 100 X 10 Mm, M.S. Nut Bolt Dia 10mm X 100mm Length, M.S. Pipe Dia 10 Mm, M.S. Round Bar, M.S. Sheet 2 Mm Thick 6'X 4 Feet, M.S. Square Bar 10 X 10 Mm, M.S Angle, Marcury In Glass Thermometer, Mscc Filler Rode 1.5 Mm Dia, Nail, Nipple, Nut And Bolt With Washer, Oil Paper Sheet, Partian Blue Tube, Plastic File Handle, Polly Propelin Flat 100 X 20 Mm, Polly Propelin Round Bar Dia 50 Mm, Pvc Ball Valve 1", Pvc Bend, Pvc Coupling, Pvc Elbow, Pvc Elbow, Pvc Mta, Pvc Pipe, Pvc Reducer, Pvc Socket, Pvc T, R-134a Gas Refrigerent 500 Gramme Bottle, R-22 Refrigerent 500 Gramme Bottle, Rcc Drill Bit 6mm, Red Iron Cock ½", Rivet 3mm X 10 Mm, Rivet For 3 Mm Hole 6 Mm Thicknes, Rubber Hose Pipe
Sector Education And Research Institute Tender Value N.A.
Location Gujarat - India Ref.No 18621644
Closing Date 18 - Jul - 2016  |  19 Days to go View Tender Details
Purchase Of Different Type of Raw Material (Electrical) - Flexible Pvc Wire 14/36 Twin Core, Flexible Pvc Wire 23/36, 1 Sqmm PVC Flexible Cu Wire, 1.5 sqmm Cu Flexible Wire, 1/18 PVC Copper Wire, 1/17 PVC Alluminium Wire, 14/36 Two Core Flexible Wire, 3 Pin Plug, 3 Pin Socket, One way Switch Piano 5 amp. 230 Volts, Two way SWItch Piano 5 Amp. 230 Volts, One way Switch Piano 15 amp. 230 Volts, S. S. Combined With Box, Indicator Piano Type 5A/230 V, Piano Type Fuse 6A, Fluorescent Tube Complete Set With Fixcher 40 W, Fluorescent Tube 40 W, Coper Chawk, Coper Chawk- Electronic Type, Tube Rotary Holder, Adapter 6 amp., PVC Insulating Tape Roll, Testing Prob, Bare Coper Conductor 8 Swg, Bare Alluminium Conductor 12 Swg, Super Enameled Winding Wire Coper 22 Swg, PVC Insulating Paper, Empire Sleeve, Air Dry Varnish, Binding Thread, 1.5 sqmm Coper Lug, 1 sqmm Fork Type Aluminum Lug, 2.5 sqmm Aluminum Lug, 2.5 sqmm Coper Lug Ring Type, Buzzer, Ding Dong Bell 6A, 230 V, Kit Kat Fuse, Wooden Board With Sunmica Top, Push Button on/off type, Bell Push Piano Type 6A, 240 V, Timer For Y / D Starter, HRC Fuse, Lamp, Indicating Lamp, Button Holder Backlite 6 A, Pendent Holder Backlite 6A, Ceiling Rose 3 Plate, Reverse Forward Switch 16 Amp., RCCB TPN 16 A, Mercury vapour Lamp With Chawk & Screw Type Holder & Ignitor, Sodium Vapour Lamp, Halogen Tube 1000 watt With Reflector Unit, 4 Channel Electronics Chaser 500 W, Manature Lamp 2 W, MCB TP 32 amp, MCB-TPN - 16 Amp/440v, MCB-DP-16Amp./250v, ELCB, Impulse Relay, Thermal Relay, XLPE Cable Single Core Aluminum Conductor, Three Core Cable 4 sqmm Alu, ICDP Switch 16 amp, Four Way Distribution Board 10 A, Joint Clip, Wire Nails, Wood Screw, P.V.C Square Block, One Way Gang Box, inter Midiate Switch 6A/240V, Three way Bell Indicator, 3/4 M.S. Conduit Pipe, Earthing Plate, 1" Earthing Clamp, Chock Coil Inductor 8 henri 500 mili emp., Terminal Two Pin 3 mm With Holder, Capacitor 10mfd oil Base, D.O.L. Starter single phase, D.O.L. Starter Three phase, Contector (Foe star-delta starter), Over load relay-4.5Amp, Timer Realy, Metal Screw, Banana Terminal Red Color, Banana Terminal, Crocodile Pin, Banana Pin, Abonite Sheet, Indicating Lamp, Rotary Switch R- Y -B 440v./16Amp, Rotary Currant Selector Switch, Machine Screw Nut- 30 X 5 mm, CFL Lamp - 18 watt, LED Lamp - 7 Watt, LED Lamp - 3 Watt, Heating Coil For Iron, Heating Coil For Geyser.
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