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>> State - Gujarat
Sector Power Plant Tender Value Rs. 9.82 Lakh approx.
Location Gujarat - India Ref.No 20033164
Closing Date 11 - Nov - 2016  |  20 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of ERW pipes, Flanges, SS seamless pipe and various joint fittings for Boiler Unit No. 3,4 &5 of GSECL Ukai TPS - M S Erw Pipe 50 Mm (2")dia, Erw Pipe 100 Nb, M S Erw Pipe I/D 8" Dia (200 Nb), Tee Equal M S 40nb, Tee Equal 50 Nb, Tee Equal Size 80 Nb, Ms Equal Tee 150 Mm, Tee Equal 200 Nb, Reducer Concentric 150 X 50 Nb., M.S. Reducer 100x50 Mm, Reducer Concentric Size 100 X 40 Nb, Reducer Concentric 80x65 Mm, Reducer Concentric 80 X 50 Mm.
Sector Education And Research Institute Tender Value N.A.
Location Gujarat - India Ref.No 20073101
Closing Date 11 - Nov - 2016  |  20 Days to go View Tender Details
Purchase of Tools And Equipments at I.T.I. - Hydrometer, Frequency meter Vibrating reed type, Plier insulated 150 mm, Crimping tool, wire striper 200 mm/20 cm , Pincer 150mm, Gimlet 6 mm, Tong Tester 0-100 amp A.C, De-soldering Gun, Fire Bucket, Hack saw frame 300mm/12" cold with handle, Screw Driver 100mm, Bench vice jaw 100 mm, File flat 200 mm Second Cut, Oil cane 120 ml, Tweezers 100 mm, Battery Charge 6-24 V with 10A rate, Digital I.C. trainer, Tachometer, Steel rule 300 mm, Plier Round Nose, Plier side cutting insulated, Screw driver 15cm/150 mm, Flux meter, Pliers flat nose insulated 150mm, Spanner set, Lux meter, Scriber 150mm Knurled Center Position, Hand vice 50mm, Thermometers 0 to 110°C, Blow lamp 0.5 liter, File round 20 cm Second Cut, Divider spring 15 cm, Scissors blade 150 mm /6 inch, Rawl plug tool & bit | Rawal plug tool & kit, Drill hand brace, Electrician connector screw driver insulated handle thin stem 100mm, chisel 25 mm & 6 mm, Multi meter, Rheostat, Laboratory Type Induction Coil 6V to 800 – 10000V Magnetic flux meter, Bradawl, Chisel Cold firmer, Hygrometer, Snip Straight & Bent, Wheat stone bridge with galvanometer & battery, A.C. Ammeter M.I. 0-5 A, 0 - 25 A, Auto Transformer 1 Phase Variable, Pulley Puller, Gauge wire imperial, Soldering Iron 25 watt, Ohm Meter, D.C. Milliammeter, Kilo wattmeter, A.C. Energy Meter Single phase 5 amp. Three phase 15 amp, Heavy duty screw driver 200 mm, CO2 fire extinguisher 2 k.g., AC. Voltmeter M.I. 0-500V A.C, Milli voltmeter center, File Rasp half round bastard 200 mm, Chisel Cold Flat, Drill S.S. Twist block, Stock and die set for 20 mm to 50 mm G.I. pipe, File half round 2nd cut 200 mm, C-clamps 100mm /150mm/200mm, Electrician screw driver thin stem insulated handle 250 mm, File flat Bastard 250mm, Mallet hard wood 0.5 Kg, Pipe cutter to cut pipes above 5 cm dia, Hammer Exeter type 0. 40 kg, Plane, smoothing cutters 50 mm, Centre Punch 150 mm X 9 mm, Steel Tape 15 m length, Spanner Adjustable, File flat rough 150mm, Load Bank 5 KW, Voltage Stabiliser Input 150 – 230 volt AC Output: 220 volt AC, 3- point D.C. Starter 3 hp, 220 volt D.C Motor, Electric Kettle, 1500 watts 1500 watts, Electric Iron 1500 watts 1500 watts, FILE FLAT SMOOTH 250 MM, mixer grinder 600 watt,three jar, Grease Gun, VICE PIPE TO GRIP PIPE UP TO 50MM, Geyser (Storage type) 15 ltr minimum, Motor Pump set, Immersion Heater 150 watt, Reverse current Relay, Over current Relay, Under voltage Relay, Melting Pot, Multimeter digital atlest 5 ranges of each, D.C. Starter 4 point, Linear I.C. Trainer, Allen Key set of 12 pieces, Hydrometer, Thermostats, Wire brush, Scriber 15 cm, Mini drafter, File triangular 2nd cut 150 mm, Pliers combination 20 cm, Scriber with scribing black universal, Philips Screw Driver set, Spanners socket with speed handle, Circlip pliers Expanding and contracting type 15cm and 20cm each, Right Cut Snips 250 mm, Rivet sets snap and Dolly combined, Sher Tinmans 300 mm, Soldering Copper Hatchet Type 500 Gms, Welding torches with 10 nozzles, Spark lighter | Gas lighter, Safety goggles, Welding cables to carry 400 amps with flexible rubber Cover, File Bastared 12 "/30 cm/300 mm, Leather Apron, Welding goggles, Screw driver, Vernier height gauge, Welding helmet with coloured glass helmet fiber, Welding torch tips different sizes, Wheel dresser (One for 4 units), Fuller top & bottom 6 mm 9 mm (Pair), Anvil 50 Kgs with Stand/ 50 or 63 kg. IS- 510, Gauge telescopic upto 150 mm, Caliper inside spring. 15 cm, Hammer ball peen 0.45 kg with handle, Dial vernier caliper, Adjustable pipe tap set BSP with die set cover pipe size 15, File feather edge smooth 15 cm, File warding smooth 15 cm, File flat Smooth 25 cm, Sine bar 250 mm, Micrometer inside 25-50 mm with extension rods, Soldering Iron 350 gm, Surface plate 45 x 45 cm CI / Granite, V-Block pair 7 cm and 15 cm with clamps, Hand Reamer adjustable cover, Dot slot punch 10 cm, Interchangeable ratchet socket set, Vice bench jaws 12 cm, Caliper outside spring 15 cm, Square adjustable 15 cm blade, Oil Stone 15 cm x 5 cm x 2.5 cm, File
Sector Education And Research Institute Tender Value N.A.
Location Gujarat - India Ref.No 20090161
Closing Date 10 - Nov - 2016  |  19 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply Of Mechanical And Auto Group Spanner, Hammer, Solder Stove Melting, File Cantsaw, Spanner-adjustable, Screw Driver Electric Testing, Dc Regulated Variable Power Supply, Spanner D.E., Mallet., Setting Hammers With Handle, Screw Driver, Pincer, Scriber, Spanner, Adjustable, Oil Stone, C-Clamps, Connecting Rod Alignment Fixture, Scraper Triangular, Scraper Half Round, Belt Tensioner Gauge, Stud Extractor Set, Different Type Of Engine Bearing Model, Different Type Of Piston Model, Taps And Wrenches, Thread Pitch Gauge Metric, Bsw, Turbocharger Cut Sectional View, Vernier Caliper, Radiator Pressure Cap, Bearing Puller, Solid Parallels In Pairs (different Size) In Metric, Left Cut Snips, Gas Welding Goggles With Colour Glass, Piston Ring Groove Cleaner, Torque Wrenches, Piston Ring Expander And Remover., Engineers Stethoscope, Piston Ring Compressor, Brake Pipe Flaring Tool, Valve Spring Compressor Universal., Hand Reamer Adjustable, Punch Hollow, Tyre Pressure Gauge With Holding Nipple, Wire Cutter And Stripper, Multi Meter, Steel Rule, Dividers , Toe-In, Toe-Out Gauge, Outside Micrometer, Mirror, Steel Rule, Micrometer,, Calipers Outside, Dc Ohmmeter, Steel Measuring Tape, Steel Rule, Glow Plug Tester, Depth Micrometer, Cylinder Bore Gauge, Outside Micrometer, Anti Theft Device, Hammer Ball Peen, Allen Key Set, Plier Combination, Adjustable-wrench Length, Spanner Set, Hammer Ball Peen, Hand Vice, Pliers Combination, Pliers Side Cutting, Hands File, Ball Pane Hammer, Philips Screw Driver Set, Pliers Flat Nose, Prick Punch, Drift Punch Copper, Engineer’s Square, Adjustable Spanner, Spanners Socket With Speed Handle,, Spanner D.E. Set, Circlip Pliers Expanding And Contracting, Player Combination, Sheet Metal Gauge, Rule Steel, Spanner Magneto Set With 8 Spanners, Pliers Nose, Hammer Copper, File, Triangular, Chisel, Ac Alternator Slip Ring Puller, Electric Testing Screw Driver, Drill Point Angle Gauge, Files Assorted Sizes And Types Including Safe Edge File (20 Nos), Flat File, Hammer Mallet, Hammer Plastic, Set Of Stock And Dies – Metric, Spanner Clyburn, Insulated Screw Driver, Chisels Cross Cut, Electrician Screw Driver, Flat File 35 Cm Bastard, Insulated Screw Driver, Executive Auto Electrical Tool Kit, Hollow Punch Set Of Seven Pieces, Spanner, Ring Set, Temperature Gauge With Sensor, File Half Round, V’ Block, Feeler Gauge, Hammer Ball Peen, Scriber With Scribing Black Universal, Taps And Dies Complete Sets, Vice Grip Pliers, Oil Can, Cleaning Tray, Shovel, Telescope Gauge, Blow Lamp, Hydrometer, Piston Ring Groove Cleaner., Tachometer , Timing Lighter, Hacksaw Frame Adjustable, Carburetor Repair Tool Kit, Clamps C, Electric Soldering Iron, Pipe Cutting Tool, Spanner T. Flocks For Screwing Up And Up-Screwing Inaccessible-positions, Stud Remover With Socket Handle, Surface Gauge With Dial Test Indicator Plunger, Universal Puller For Removing Pulleys, Bearings, Valve Lifter, Ammeter, Pipe Flaring Tool, Drill Twist, Spark Plug Spanner, Surface Plate Granite, Straight Edge Gauge, Straight Edge Gauge, Vacuum Gauge, Torque Wrenches, Cleaning Tray, Petrol Nozzle, Horn And Horn Relay, Tubeless Tyre Of Cars & Trucks, Tyre & Split Rim Wheel Assembly, Tubed Tyre Of Car, Trucks & Motorcycle, Cut Section Of Cross Ply And Radial Tyres, Tread Wear Indicator, File Flat, Drill Twist Straight Shank, Carburetor, Cut Section Working Model Of Automatic Transmission Gear Box, Tester Sparking Plug, Starter Motor Axial Type, Pre-Engagement Type & Co-Axial Type, Set Square Celluloid, Set Square Celluloid, 4 Point Relays, 5 Point Relays, Pipe Vice, Chisel, File Flat Round 150mm, Scriber (knurled Centre Position ), Pully Puller, Screw Driver,, Spanner, Chisel Cold Flat, Try Square, File, Half Round, Electrician Screw Driver Thin Stem Insulated Handle,, File Flat, Try Square, Centre Punch, Steel Rule, File Half Round Bastard, Collapsible Tap With Attachment, Drill Drift, Tap Wrench ( Adjustable ), Drill Angle Gauge, Caliper Odd-Leg Firm Joint, Caliper Out Side Spring Joint, Caliper Spring Inside, Pliers Flat Nose, File Round, Chisel Cold Flat And Cross Cut Length 150mm, Hammer Ball Pein, Radius Gauge, Wheel Dresser Diamond, Die Handle, File Half Round, File Round, Pipe /tube Bender, Wing Compass, Oil Stone, Ball Peen Hammer, Handsaw, Chisel Firmer, Engineers Try Square, Hand Shear Universal, Left Cut Snips, Chisel Cold Flat, Cross Peen Hammer, Ball Pane Hammer, Right Cut Snips, Rivet Sets Snap And Dolly Combined, Sher Tinmans, Soldering Copper Hatchet, Rubber Gloves, Pipe Wrench, Soldering Copper, C-Clamp, Sher Tinmans, Punch Letter, File Flat, Hack Saw Frame, Bearing Puller Set, Templates, D.E Spanners, Chisel Cold Flat, Dividers, Screw Driver, Hammer Sledge Double Faced, File Flat, Tool Bit Hss, Hammer Ball Pen, First Aid Box, Pipe Cutter To Cut Pipes, Gimlet, Pipe Vice, Melting Pot, Bench Vice, Screw Driver, Bench Vice, Safety Boots, Spark Lighter, Tip Cleaner, Welding Cables , Trolley, Magnifying Glass, Tap Set With Matching
Sector Education And Research Institute Tender Value N.A.
Location Gujarat - India Ref.No 20090674
Closing Date 10 - Nov - 2016  |  19 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of Mechanical Group - Spanner set DE, Thermometer, Vernier caliper Dial 0–200 mm, Melting Pot, Vernier caliper, C -Clamp, Vernier caliper, Scriber (Knurled centre position), Punch Center, Hammer Chipping with metal handle 250 Grams, Taps And Dies Complete Set, Weld measuring gauge fillet and butt, Stop watch, Wire gauge metric and With worth Steel plate embossing converse of British & Metric, Gas leak detector for halogen gas, Capillary plague gauge, Vernier caliper length 250mm, Line tester 500 v. heavy duty, Micron vacuum gauge capable, Screw pitch gauge metrix & british, Tape measuring graduation, Filler gauge, Taps and dies complete set, Vernier height gauge, Adjustable spanner 300mm, Water meter, Level spirit wooden 300 mm, Steel tape, Screw Pitch gauge to cover metric & british, Scribing gauge, Feeler gauge 10 blades, Gauge telescopic upto 150 mm, caliper inside 15cm spring, Comparators stand with dial indicator, Dial vernier caliper, Micrometer, Gauge snap Go and Not Go, Sine bar 250 mm, Micrometer inside, Trammel 30 cm, Smiths square, Outside micrometer, Steel Rule 60 cm, Spirit Level 15 cm metal, slip gauge as jonson metric set, Slip Gauge Box, Micrometer Depth 0-25mm, Gauge Drill Grinding, Micrometer Screw Thread interchangeable, Vernier Bevel Protractor 300 mm blade, Morse Taper Plug & Ring Gauge no. 0 to 7 MT, Plain Ring and Plug Gauge, Thread Plug Gauge, Vernier Height Gauge with dial 300 mm, Vernier Micrometer, Pulley Puller, Micrometer Digimatic electronic outside, Screw gauge, Screw pitch gauge, Chisel cold flat, Motorised Bench Grinder 200mm, File flat 200mm smooth, Tenon saw250 mm, Tong Tester, Hack Saw frame 200mm, File flat 200mm second cut, Hammering blocks 5 cm thick 60 sq, Hammer sledge double faced 3 Kg, Welding torches with 10 nozzles, Glasses coloured, Steel wire Brush, Centre punch, File half round bastard, Punch Swaging tool type set, Pipe cutter with built in reamer & space cutter, Knife folded stainless steel - 150mm, Pliers combination insulated length 20cm, Screw driver, Puller 3 legged with flexible arm 300mm, Pipe cutter miniature for copper tube, Centre Punch 10 cm, chisel cold flat 10cm, Tong, Close mouth and pick up, Tweezers, Surface Gauge universal, File flat rough double cut, Wooden mallet /Nylon mallet, Engineer’s Square 150 mm with knife edge, Scriber 150 mm, Hammer Ball Peen, Center punch 100mm, File triangular smooth 200mm., Draughtsman drawing instrument box, Mini drafter, Scriber 150 mm, File half round 2nd cut 250mm, File round 300mm 2nd cut, Hand vice 50mm jaw, File Flat 300 mm rough, File triangular 150mm 2nd cut, Combination pliers insulated 200mm, File flat round 150mm smooth, Chisels cross cut 200 mm X 6mm, Spanner adjustable 15 cm, Pot hook, Punch Letter set, Soil pot with brush, Scriber 200 mm, File Triangular Rough 250 mm, Screw Driver, Snip Straight, File half round rough 300mm., Saw Plumber 300mm, Chisel Round Nose 3X150 mm, Plumb bob 50gms., Hammer ball peen 50 grams, Soldering Iron, Blow lamp 0.5 liter, Pipe jointer, Hand drill 6mm capacity with drill chuck, Chisel Diamond Point, Chain pipe wrench, Rachet pipe, Brush Steel Wire, Bend Bolt, Branch Gimlets, Chisel Cold Flat, Stillson wrench, Combination set, Spanner monkry, Washer cutter, Trowel C-125-, Chisel cold 9 mm cross cut 9 mm diamond, Combination Set 30 cm, Pipe wrench 40 cm, Wheel dresser (One for 4 units), Hammer smith 2 kg. With handle, Tongs roving 350mm, Swage block 35 x 35 x 12 cm, Flatters (rodded) 55 mm square, Fuller top & bottom 6 mm 9 mm, Cold set rodded 25X200mm, Stake hatchet, Stake grooving, Gauge plug single 3 ended, Planishing hammer, Card file., hand hammer 1kg with handle, Caliper inside 15 cm spring, File knife edge 15 cm smooth, hammer ball peen 0.22kg with handle, Sleeve drill Morse, File hand 15 cm second cut, Adjustable pipe tap set BSP with die set cover pipe size 15, File feather edge, File triangular, File triangular 20 cm second cut, File round 20 cm second cut, Universal scribing block 22 cm, File half round 25 cm bastard, Snip bent 25 cm, Hacksaw frame fixed 30 cm, File round 30 cm bastard, Taps and dies complete set in box, Soldering Iron 350 gm, Punch letter 3 mm set, Hand Reamer taper 4 -9mm set, clamp tool maker, Punch hollow 6 mm to 19 set, Pipe cutter 6 mm to 50 mm wheel type, Box spanner set 6-25 mm set of 8 with Tommy bar, V-Block pair 7 cm and 15 cm with clamps, Chisel cold 9 mm round noze, punch round, Dot slot punch, Reamer parallel 12- 16mm, Swages top & bottom, Interchangeable ratchet socket set, straight scriber 15cm, Caliper outside 15 cm spring, caliper 15cm hermaphrodite, Divider 15 cm spring, screw driver 15cm, Square adjustable 15 cm blade., File half round second cut 15 cm., Scraper half round 15cm, Stud Extractor EZY-out, Hardle.
Sector Education And Research Institute Tender Value N.A.
Location Gujarat - India Ref.No 20043792
Closing Date 08 - Nov - 2016  |  17 Days to go View Tender Details
Purchase of different tools, Equipments, for various trades in different ITI. (Part-1) - (B) Chemical items, Safety Shoes, Safety Hand Gloves Leather, Helmet, Fire Blanket, Pipe Wrench 14”, Tap Set – 8 Meter, Tap Set – 10 Meter, Allen Key Set - Hexagonal, Vernier Height Gauge, Surface Plate - Granite, Resistance Coils, Rods With Screw At One End For Electrochemical Equivalent Copper, Burette Clamp, Pipettes 10ml, H.D.P. Distil Water Bottle, Stands With Clamps For Burette, Volumetric Flask 500 Ml, Bottles For Solutions 2000 Ml, Bottles For Solutions 500 Ml, Tong - Flat - 300 Mm, Distilled Water Still 10 Lit., Round Bottom Distillation Flask With Side Neck 500ml, Condenser For Distillation Lebig 30 Cm Long, Bourdon Tube(C-Type) Pressure Gauge, Capsule Type Pressure Gauge, Different Types Of Pipe Fittings, Locking Devices Lock Nut , Castle Nut, Mechanical Seal (multiple Spring), Safety Valve, Needle Valve (flanged And Thread End), Metering Pump, Apron - Blue, Calculator - Scientific, Torch, Thermometer 0-350 C, Accelometr, Pointer Extractors (puller), Micrometer Inside 25 Mm With Extension, Slip Gauges (workshop Grade), Punch Frame Set 2 Mm, Wire Type Strain Gauge, Load Cells Of Various Ranges, Ring Gauge, Gauge Blocks, Speedometers, Of Various Sizes, Centrifugal Type Tachometer, Drag Cup Type Tachometer, Decade Capacitance Boxes, Digital Insulation Tester, Watt Hour Meter Induction Type 1 Ph, Ampere Hour Meter, Pressure Regulators With Filter And Input & Output Gauges, Hammer Ball Pain 250 Gms. With Handle, Extraction Thimbles, Crucible Nickel 30mm Dia, Funnels Buchner Different Sizes 10 To 25 Cm Dia, Connecting Tubes For Khejeldahal Distillation, Filtering 0,1,2,3 Glass, Test Tube(160mm X 15 Mm), Comparator With Accessories & Std Pressure Gauges, Thermocouple Type K,J,I,T, Digital Milivoltmeter 0-200 Mv, Resistance Thermometer (pt-100), Rubber Tubes For Water, Gas & Vacuum, Stopper, Rubber Each Glass Plastic & Cork Of Different Sizes, Pressure Regulating Valve, Pipettes Measuring 0 To 5 Ml, Pipettes Measuring 0 To 0.2 Ml, Each Pipettes Automatic 1,2,5,10,Ml, Vaccum Pipettes, Weighing Bottles Polyethylene Or Glass 100 Ml, Funnel Sapratory 500 Ml, Beaker 250 Ml Corning, Condenser Liebug 30 Mm Long, Co2 Determination Apparatus, Tubes For Centrifuge, Tubes For Gerber Centrifuge, Thermometer For Drying Oven, Filtering Flask-250 Ml, Measuring Cylinder 25 Ml, Pipettes Measuring 0 To 10 Ml, Bottles For Solution 1000ml, Dishes Evaporating 5 Cm Dia Porcelin Glass.
Sector Power Plant Tender Value N.A.
Location Gujarat - India Ref.No 19705114
Closing Date 08 - Nov - 2016  |  17 Days to go View Tender Details
Manufacturing, Inspection, Testing, Supply, Packaging, Forwarding, Safe Delivery And Guarantee Of Pipe Fitting For Kapp-3&4.
Sector Power Plant Tender Value Rs. 19.98 Million approx. / 1.99 Crore approx.
Location Gujarat - India Ref.No 19886884
Closing Date 08 - Nov - 2016  |  17 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of Pipe Fittings.
Sector Education And Research Institute Tender Value N.A.
Location Gujarat - India Ref.No 19923565
Closing Date 08 - Nov - 2016  |  17 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of tools & equipments (electrical,computer,garment group) - Growler Out Side, Hammer cross pien 115gms with handle, Ball pen Hammer , Multimeter digital atlest 5 ranges of each, Digital multimeter, Multimeter Digital Range of 5, CRO Single Beam 20mhz, Oscilloscope 20MHz, Terminal screw Driver 75 mm (Connector), Knife double blade electrician 100mm, Electrician Knife, Plumb bob 115grams, Combination player 200 mm Insulator, Combination plier insulated, Try Square 200 mm, File round 150 mm 2nd cut, Line Tester 500 voit heavy duty, Neon bulb Phase Tester 230 Volts, Conduit pipe cutting and threading machines adjustable for 15mm to 30mm, Bar magnet, Horse shoe magnet, Crimping tools as necessary for performing terminations, Crimping tool for telephone/LAN cable, Crimping and Clamping Pliers, Kimping Tools 0.5 mm To 16 mm Longs, Wiring board on stand 3 meter x1 meter with 0.5 meter projection on the top, Rawal tool holder & Bit, Pliers side cutting insulated 200mm, Pliers flat nose insulated 150mm, Pliers round nose insulated 200mm, Heavy duty screw driver 200 mm, Firmer chisel 25mm, Wire stripper, Hammer Ball Peen 1.00 kg, Hammer cross Peen 0.50 kg., Rawal tool holder & Bit, Spanner set, Foot print Grip 250mm, Electric soldering iron 125 watts 230-250 V, Forge with hand blower, Rubber gloves 5000volts, Safety belt with provision for keeping tools, Safety Rope, Tower ladder on type wheels Min 10ft-Max 30ft, Portable extension ladder aluminum 6 to 9 meters, All types C.F.L. lamp sets, Multi meter, Hot wire Ammeter 0-15 Amps., Wheatstone Bridge, Electrical Power Drilling Machine 12mm Cap, Voltmeter M.C. 0-300 V, Ammeter M.I. 0-30 Amp, Ammeter M.C. Centre zero 5-0-5Amp, Field regulator, Single phase K.W.H meter analog 5A, Clamp on ammeter 0-25A,0-200A, Three phase K.W.H meter analog 25A, Three phase K.W.H meter digital 25A, UPS 500VA with battery 230V, DC Power supply 250v DC, Manual star Delta starter, Semi-automatic star Delta starter, Semi-automatic star Delta starter, Single phasing preventer 415V, D.O.L Starter2 hp, Two point starter for DC series motor, Soft starter 1ph, Magnetic flux meter, Lux meter, Lead Acid battery 75Ah 12V, Battery Charger 15V,Current controlled, Solar street light lamp set 12v , 18 / 24 watts, Hydraulic crimping tool for UG cable crimping with bits 20 sq mm to 250sq mm, Transformer Three phase (oil cooled) 5 K.V.A. 440/220 v, Autotransformer Single phase 0-300V 1kVA, Autotransformer Three phase 0-500V 1kVA, Current transformer, Potential transformer, Miniature circuit breaker (MCB), Earth leakage circuit breaker (ELCB), Phillips head screw driver set 1- 4 sizes, 1 Phase all Purpose fan, 1 Phase table fan, AC Table Fan, Orient Celling Fan 48" Size, D.O.L Starter2 hp, Auto Transformer Type Starter, Star Delta starter (autimatic), Meggar 500 V, Technometer digital, Volt meter 0-250-500 volt D.C, A.C. ammeter M.I 0-10 A, Ammeter 0 to 10 Amp, Rheostat of differential capacity, watt meter 150-358 volt 0-5-10 amp dynamic type, 3 phase energy meter 440 volt 10 amp, Energy meter solid state 3 phase, Pliers insulated 150 mm, Cutting pliers 200 mm, Drop forged spanner set, Smithy cheisel, Hack saw frame, Neon Tester 500 Volts, Knife double blade electrician 100mm, Buzzer motor for winding testing (master frame), A.C. ammeter, mili ampere meter 0-600 mv, External growler for auto armature, External growler for small armature, External internal growler for small armature, steel rule 300 mm, screw driver 75 mm, knife DB, Hammer ball peen0 .25kg, Plumb bob 115 gram, combination plier insulated 200mm, try square 200mm, small crimping tools 10-100 mm (5 nos), spanner set, screw driver 100 mm, file half round 2nd cut 250mm, file round 2nd cut 150 mm, soldering iron 60 w, neon tester 230 volt, forge with hand blower, conduit pipe cutting and threading machine adjustable 15mm to 30 mm, horse shoe magnet, crimping tool 25 mm, set of wall jumper octagonal, combination plier insulated 200mm, spanner set DE set, pliers side cutting 200 mm, hammer cross peen 0.5kg, set of wall jumper octagonal, scriber 150 mm, spanner set, allen keys set 5 to 11, forge with hand blower, rubber glove 5000V, safety balt with provision for keeping tools, hot wire ammeter0-15 amp, megger digital 500v, voltmeter M.C. 0-300 v, voltmeter M.I. maulti-range 0-250,300,600v, Ameter M.I. maulti-range 0-30 amp panel board type, field regulator 0-1000 ohmic 2 amp, single phase K.W.H meter digital 5amp, Three phase K.W Meter 15 amp, D.C. power supply 25 amp 250v, semi-automatic star delta stater, automatic reverse forward stater, two point starter for DC series motor, soft stater 1hp, flux meter, lux meter, lead acid battery 75 ah 12v, metal clad circuit breaker 220v/1amp, steel tape 15 mtr, plier insulated 150mm, plier side cutting 150 mm, heavy duty screw driver 200mm, punch center 150 * 9 mm, neon tester, hammer cross peen 0.5kg, hammer ball peen 0.50, gimlet 6mm, bradawl, pincer 150mm, melting pot, chisel cold firmer 25 * 200mm,
Sector Education And Research Institute Tender Value N.A.
Location Gujarat - India Ref.No 20059625
Closing Date 08 - Nov - 2016  |  17 Days to go View Tender Details
Purchase of different types of Equipment’s & tools for various trades & schemes - ‘V’ Block 75 x 38 mm pair with Clamps, 5 Amp rehostate, 1 Phase all Purpose fan, 1 phase ceiling fan, 1 Phase table fan, 2 point starter for DC Series Motor, 3 Phase KW meter 15A 440 v, 4 Point relays AC RELAY 12V 4 PIN, 5 Point relays STARTER RELAY, A.C. Voltmeter M.I. 0-500V A.C, AC alternator slip ring puller Universal pooler type, Ac energy meter, Acetylene Gas Pressure regulator double stage, Pressure regulator acetylene Regulators, Adjustable spanner, AG 4 Grinder, AG 4 Grinding wheels, AG7 (150mm dia. ) disc grinder portable, Air blow gun with standard accessories, Air impact wrench with standard accessories, Air ratchet with standard accessories, All types C.F.L. lamp sets, Allen Key set, Ammeter, Angle plate adjustable, Anti theft deviceTwin Hooks Steering Wheel Lock, Anvil 12 sq. inches working area with stand, anvil 50 kgAnvil 50KG without spike working area with stand, Apron leather made from best leather with staples, Arbor press hand operated 2 ton capacity, Arc welding cables, Arc welding goggles, Arc welding plain glass, Arc welding single coloured glasses, Argon Gas pressure regulator with flow meter, armature core size with commutator for auto armature, Auto Darkening Welding Helmet, Auto transformer single phase, Auto transformer starter (automatic), Auto transformer Three phase, Autoclove, Automatic Reverse-Forward Starter, Automatic Star-Delta Starter, Battery Charger, Battery for 1 KVA inverter, Bearing Puller Three leg, Belt Tensioner Gauge, Bench lever shears 250mm Blade, Bench Vice 100 mm jaw, Bench wise Jaw width, Blanket for padding of Pressing Table, Blow Lamp 1 litre, Bluetooth headphone &mic set, Blu-Ray Writer, Box spanner set, Bradawl 150X6mm Square pointed with handle, Brake pipe flaring tool set Die 6mm punch set, Brake Test arrangement with two spring balance, Buzzer motor for winding testing, C Clamp, Calculator Desk Type, Caliper 15 cm hermaphrodite, Caliper inside 15 cm spring, CAR cooling Water pump, Car Jet washer with standard accessories, Carburetor – Solex, Carburetor repair tool kit, Center Punch 10 mm, Chain Pulley Block-3 ton capacity with tripod, Chipping hammer with metal handle, Chipping hand screen, chisel 25 mm & 6 mm, Chisel Cold firmer, Chisel Cold Flat, Chisels cross cut, Circlip pliers Expanding and contracting type 15cm and 20cm, Cleaning Tray 45x30, CO2 Gas pressure regulator with flow meter, Coil spring compressor for suspension spring, Cold flat chisel 19 mm, Compression testing gauge, Connecting rod alignment fixture, Continuity tester, Copper bit soldering iron, Cotton hand Gloves, Crimping tool, Cross pane hammer 115 gm with handle, cross pane hammer 750 gm with handle, Current Transformer, Cut Out Relay(as per starndard), Cut section models of shock absorbers, Cutting pliers 200 mm | Cutting Plier, Cylinder bore gauge, Cylinder liner- Dry & wet liner, d c Volt meter 0-250-500volt, D E metric spanner 0-12, D.C. Milliammeter 0-500m A, DC Ohmmeter, DC Power Supply -Input voltage, Depth micrometer, DESOLDERING GUN, Dial gauge type 1 Gr. A, Die penetrant testing kit, Different type of piston model, Digital maltimeter, Digital Vernier caliper, Direct on line Starter, Discrete Component Trainer / Basic Electronics Trainer, Display Board Covered with glass or Acrylic Sheet, Display Board Soft pinning board mounted with red or blue velvet fabric, Distributor –Duel advance type, divider 20cm spring, DOL starter 1phase 1 hp 240v 16 amp, DOL Starter Up to 5hp motor, Dot slot punch 10 cm.10cm, Double ended Spanner set 6-32mm metric, Double stage pressure regulator (oxygen), Drafting Table, Draughtsman drawing instrument box, Drawing board, Drift Punch Copper 15, Drill bit, Drill Bit--Straight shank, Drill hand brace, Drill point angle gauge Blade Length, Drill S.S. Twist, Drop forged spanner set, Dual Magnetization Yoke, Dummy kid, Dummy lady, Dynemo of auto mobile engine, Earth clamp, Earth Leakage Circuit breaker, Electric Automatic steam pressbranded with self cleaning function.
Sector Education And Research Institute Tender Value N.A.
Location Gujarat - India Ref.No 20067819
Closing Date 08 - Nov - 2016  |  17 Days to go View Tender Details
Purchase of different types of Equipment’s & tools for various trades & schemes - Star Delta starter for 7.5 h.p 440 volt I.M. 25 amp, Star Delta Starter, Starter motor axial type, pre-engagement type & Co-axial type, Steel measuring tape 10 meter in a case, Steel Rule 150 mm English and Metric combined, Steel rule 300 mm, Steel tape 15 meter length, Steel tool box with lock and key, Sterilizer, Stock and dies conduit pipe, Straight edge gauge 2 ft.Length, Straight edge gauge 4 ft.length, Stud extractor set, Stud remover with socket handle, Suitable Arc welding table with positioner, Suitable gas welding table with fire bricks, Swage block with stand dimension, Table Sharpener, Tachometer (Counting type), Tailor’s Card Scale Triangular, Tandem master cylinder with booster, Taps and Dies complete sets, Taps and wrenches - MetricDie and Tap, Techometer digital type 99999 Count with Function Annunciation, Telescope gauge, Temperature gauge with sensor, Terminal screw Driver, Tester sparking plug ‘NEON’ Type, Thermometer 0 to 100 deg Centigrade, Thermostat, Thermostat valve, Thread Cutter, Thread pitch gauge metric, Three phase Kwhmeter analog 25 ampere, Three phase kwhmeter digital System, Timing lighter Operating, Tin man square 60 x30 cm, Tip cleaner Stainless Steel reamers, Toe-in, toe-out gauge Laser Wheel Alignment System Tracking Gauges Toe in / Out Tool Tracker, Tongs roving 350mm, Tool bit HSS 10 mm square, Tools maker vice 50mm (clamp), Torque wrench (14 to 68 Nm), Tower Ladder on types wheels, Trammel 30 cm.Type: beam, Transformer single phase, Transformer Three phase, Tread wear indicator, Trial room with 3 side mirrors, Try Square, Tubeless tyre repair kit, Tubular box spanner, Two fold brass tip foot rule 60 cm, Tyre & split rim wheel assembly, Tyre pressure gauge with holding nipple, Universal puller for removing pulleys, Universal Weld measuring gauge, USB Mini Dongle for Bluetooth devices Connection Mini USB Bluetooth, Vacuum gauge, Valve Lifter Throat depth 9-inches, Valve spring compressor universal, Ventilation, vernier caliper, bench vice 12 cm jaws.12cm high quality grey cast iron, Vice grip pliers, Volt meter 0-30-100 volt D.C, Voltmeter AC 0 – 150 – 300 – 600 range, voltmeter MI Multi range, Wall clock, Waste Bin Big / Small unbreakable plastic of good quality, Waste Disposal Plant, Water pump for dismantling and assembling, Water Purification Plant, Water Tub 60 cm dia, Web Camera, Web Cam, Weld measuring gauge butt, Weld measuring gauge filet, welding glass-Black, Welding hand shield fiber Screen welding hand, Welding helmet with coloured glass, Welding torch 5 to 10 nozzle, Welding torch tips for 5 to 10 nozzle, Wheel cylinder, Wiper motor assembly, Wire brush 15 x 37 cm, Wire cutter and stripper Hardened steel construction, Wire Gauge.
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