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>> State - Gujarat
Sector Municipal Corporations Tender Value N.A.
Location Gujarat - India Ref.No 20976184
Closing Date 25 - Dec - 2017  |  336 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of All side socket CI ‘T’, reducer two side socket C.I., Tail piece one side flange/one side plan C.I. in nagar palika. (Scanned Image - Gujarati Tender)
Sector Minerals Tender Value N.A.
Location Gujarat - India Ref.No 21341575
Closing Date 18 - Feb - 2017  |  26 Days to go View Tender Details
Disposal Of Scrap Unused Spare Parts, Electronic Waste,Jeep, Etc. Lying At Lignite Project, Panandhro - Flange Front Wheel, Oil Seal, Flange Water Pump, Water Pump Assy, Wheel Disc 660 X 16 [rim And Disc], Bolt (rod Stay Stearing Gear ), Rear Bracke Shackle Spring P/N:A545, Clutch Plate, Benjo Washer, Intermediate Gear, Fly Wheel With Oiling Gear Assy. , Lock Plate Flywheel, Screw Valve Rocker, Suppt. Inj.Pump, Cy.Head Screw, Spacer, Snap Ring, Bushing, Spring Support Ttrans. 47 Int/Pet, Cup Retainer Break, Brake Pipe (common), Kit Horn Button, Rod Frok, Inlet Valve , Lever & Shaft Clutch Control, Clutch Carrier, Water Pump Impeller, Clutch Link , Spring Pin, Grease Nipple Bend, Oil Pressure Switch, Gear Dust Cover Main, Tube Brak Assy, Clutch Paddle Shaft With Bush, Shaft Rod Assly, Rear Axel Shaft Bearing, Transmission Lever, Pulley Fan Driver, Gasket, Wheel Cyl. Kit Rear, Arm Selector Assy., Diesel Lock With Key, Fork Pin, Clutch Cable Padel, Oil Seal, Cable Heater, Screw, Key Sye , Bushing For Mahindra Jeep Steering Unit, Brake Drum, Pressure Plate, Nut, Yoke, Nut , Hinges, Valve Cup, Spring Assy. Front, Thrust Washer, U Bolt, Screw For Cyl. Head, Screw Hm 10-1.5*30, Cy. Head Gasket Kit, Reverse Gear Assy., Plate, Cam Shaft Bush Set, Fan Assy, Mounting Silencer, Cup, Wiper Blade With Arms., Door Lock (jeep), Cover Plate Rh, M.C.Kit, Bolt Hex Head, Plug Rocker, Bushing Fly Wheel, Thrust Washer Set, Spring, Brake Hose Front, Piston Pin Bush, Brake Pipe, Rear Wheel Bearing, Oiler Rocker Shaft, Tappct Dia 240 M M, Crank Shaft Bolt Fly Wheel, Cover Plate Tappet, Nut, Clutch Hub, Spring Outer, Stud & Nut, Tie Rod Tube Small Master, Stud, Bolt & Nut, Bolt, Fork, Screw, Spring, Steering Copper Pipe, Stearing Wheel Assy, Cable Bell Crank, R.Wheel Cyl.Screw Bleedr, Spring Valve Inner, Stud, Flange Exh.Pipe, Bracket Paddle Shaft With Bush, Rear Axel Check Nut, Bush, Bush For Shock Abs, Binet Clip, Brake Liner Front, Diesel Filter Ring, Fuel Tank, Drive Assy, Leaf Spring Rear, Kit T.M. Cylinder, Kit Diff Gear & Point, Snap Ring Output Shaft, Kit Steg.Con.Rod, Leaf Spring Rear, Seal Brg. Cap, Seal Timing Gear Housing, Scrubber, Mc 1/8 Key, Out Put Shaft, Knob, Yoke & U J Front Assy, Spring Valve Outer, Cap Radiator, Shackle Assy., Snap Ring, Fork Shift, Centre Bold With Nut, Kit Clutch Master Cylinder(Major), Shackle Assy., Chamber Pre Combustion, Clutch Adjusting Bolt, Kit Drive Gear & Pinion, Propeller Shaft Assy., Nut Hex 1/2"*20 Rh, Snnubber, Plug, Gear Cam Shaft, Retainer, Stearing Gear Assy, Door Belt, Weather Strip Glass Bottom Channel, Screw, Clamp Assy., King Pin Shims, Clamp, Hose, Pin Clevis, Push Rod, Pump Oil Assy, Oil Cap, Pinion Oil Seal, Copper Washer, Snubber Pad Gaurd, Plate For Spring Shock Absorber, Clutch Cable, Intermediate Roller, Brake Hose Rear, Main Shaft Needle Bearing, Bleeding Screw, Gear, Piston Pin Circlip Inter, Nut Hex Hub Bolt, Thermostate , Handle Door Outer, Bridge Pipe Assy., Bush Reverse Gear, Gakset,, Handle Door Outer Rh, Handle Door Inner Lh & Rh, Tool Box Lock (for Jeep), Glass Window Front Door, Gear Shaft, Gasket, Oil Seal, Wheel Cy.Kit Rear, Washer, Shackle Bracket, Spring Busing, Horn Button, Insulator, Hose Air Cleaner To Inlet Manifold P/N:57586, O Ring Air Cleaner, Front Wheel Hub, Clamp Silencer, Reverse Idler Gear Assy, Synchroniser, Gear Idling Assy,, Bushing Rocker Arm, Paddle Cover, Fan, Bonnet Clip, Leaf No.2, Nut, Metel Screw With Clip, Shock Absorber Bush, Shift Rail P/N:19082, Idler Pulley [tensioner Roller Assy], Gear Output, Speedometer Pinion Gear, Gasket Exh., Thrust Washer, Matting Set Front, Rear, Gasket, Nut Break Centre, Bracket Supp.Tail Pipe Mfg, Stud Exhaustpipe Support, Gasket Timing Plate, Hex Bolt, Bolt, Gasket Tappet Cover, Hose Radiator Top Hose, Etc.
Sector Road Transport Services Tender Value Rs. 26.47 Million approx. / 2.64 Crore approx.
Location Gujarat - India Ref.No 21168120
Closing Date 16 - Feb - 2017  |  24 Days to go View Tender Details
Purchase of New Tube size 10.00x20, 9.00x20 8.25x16 & 7.50x16 Only From Manufacturer And Without Reverse Auction Basis
Sector Water Storage and Supply Tender Value Rs. 4.55 Billion approx. / 455.47 Crore
Location Gujarat - India Ref.No 21266842
Closing Date 15 - Feb - 2017  |  23 Days to go View Tender Details
Sauni Yojna - Phase: II, Link - 3, Package - 6 Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Contract for Construction of pumping station (Partial) at Ch. 66.295 Km near Machhu – I reservoir. #1. supplying and laying MS Pipeline of 3000mm dia (ID) from Ch. 66.29 Km (Machhu – I) to Ch. 97.29 Km (Aji – I) (31.00 Km length) including gravity feeder pipeline (14.01 Km) and lift feeder pipeline (9.28 Km) with feeder pumping station near village Mesvada with all allied works etc.
Sector Education And Research Institute Tender Value N.A.
Location Gujarat - India Ref.No 21292562
Closing Date 13 - Feb - 2017  |  21 Days to go View Tender Details
Purchase of Raw Material (Automobile, Electrical and Electronics Group) - Nut bolt, One way piano type switch, One Way Switch 230v Ac 16a Piyano Type, Panel Indicating Lamp, Pin Type Insulator 11 Kv, Plywood Sheet, Power Transformer Oil, Push Button Start, PVC board, PVC Cassing Capping Elbow, PVC Cassing Capping Gang Box, PVC Cassing Capping Patti, PVC Pipe, PVC Sleeve, R.C.C Drill, RCC Drill Bit, RCCB Two Pole, Rehostet 10 Ohm 1 A, Remote Push Button, Reverse- Forward Switch, Roll plug, Rubber Ring for DG set Coupling, Safety Belt, Safety Gloves, Selector switch, Selector switch for V- meter, Shackle Insulator 11 Kv, Single Phase Preventor 3 Phase 415 V Ac With Under And Over Voltage Protection, Soldering Flux, Soldering Iron Coil- 125 watt, Soldering Iron Electronics Type Plastic Body 35 W Normal Tip, Speed Control Circuit Of SCR, Speed Control Circuit Of Triac Or Diac Circuit Triac-Bt136, Spring box for concealed wiring, Start Push Button With 1 No + 1 Nc Contact 5a, Stay Insulator, Stop Push Button, Strain Insulator 11 Kv, Switch socket combined, Switch type indicating lamp, T-Flex Tube Light With Complete Fixture, Thermal Over Load Relay 5-8 Amp 415 V Ac, Thermostate Switch With Sensor Wire 240v 6a, Three pin socket 5 Amp, Tub light starter, Tube Light Stick 40 Watt 230v Ac Regulator, Two Pin Socket 5 Amp 230v, Two Pin Top 6 Amp, U Clamp For Shackle Insulator 11kv Ms, Ujt Occilator Circuit Kit, Vacuum Gauge, Vacuum Gauge with Pressure Gauge, Variac 230/0-270v Ac & Dc Table Type With Digital Display, Vibrating Electrical Bell, Voltage Selecter Switch 3 Phase 440v, Voltmeter Analog Mi Type 0-600 V Ac, Voltmeter Mi 0-60v Ac / Dc Table Type, Voltmeter Selector Switch 16 Amp 3 Phase 415 V Ac, Water Level Controller, Water Proof Insulating Tape Roll, Watt Meter 0-500 Watt 440v Digital Type, Winding Valve 14 Swg, Wire Wound Potentiometer Variable, XLPE Insulated Ht Cable, 12 volt DC SMPS Power supply, 150Mbps Wireless USB Adapter, 3 Pin RCA cable male to male, 8 PORT HUB, 9 v Battery, AA CELL, AAA CELL, Anti Static ESD Wrist Strap Discharge Band Grounding, Button Cell, Calculator 12 Digit, Cat-6 Cable 23 Awg Digilink, Cd R/W With Cover, Cd Wallet Standard Size:100 Folders, Cd-R With Cover, Cmos Batteries, Co-axial cable RG6, Digital Clock with an electric connection, DVD -R With Cover, Extension Board 10 Meter Wire, HDMI Cable, Headphone Design, Hook Up Wire, Hp Laser Jet Printer 2055 Dn Cartridge, Keyboard Ps2, Memory Card 16 Gb, Microphone Stand DGN Specs, Microphone Stand DGT Specs, Microphone Unidirectional Dynamic Pro-Entertainment + Studio, Monitor Guard For Led Screen, Mouse Ps2, Mouse Usb, Power Cable For Computer, RG 6 Cable connector, RJ 45 Cable Extender, Rj 45 Connector, RJ 45 Connector (plug), RJ 45 I/O BOX, SMPS, Thermo Static Expansion Valve, Thermostate Switch For 165 Litre Refrigerator, Torch Lamp Holder, USB cable, USB TO RJ 45 Connector, VGA CABEL, Vga Cable 10 Meter Long From Projector To Cpu Connection.
Sector Education And Research Institute Tender Value N.A.
Location Gujarat - India Ref.No 21293148
Closing Date 13 - Feb - 2017  |  21 Days to go View Tender Details
Purchase of Raw Material (General, Mechanical, KVK Items Group) - Absorbent Cotton Soft, Absorbent Ganzebandaze Width 5 Cm, Acetone, Acid, Acid Resistance Ink, Adhesive Bandaze Size 1" X 3", Adhesive Tape Cotton, Ambi Pure For Vehicle Small Size, Anabond Tube 150 Gramme, Badminton Set 30/40 Weight, Box File, Caco3 Powder, Canvas Paper Thick For Dress, Car Shampoo, Carbon Paper Packet, Carbon Tetra Cloride Liquid, Cd Marker Pen Black Colour, Cello Tape Brown 2" Width 90 Meter Long, Cello Tape White 2" Width 90 Meter Long, Chalk Box Colour, Chalk Box White, Colour Reel 800 M Light And Dark Different Colours, Contractor Pipe, Cotton Fabric, Cotton Tatting Lace For Dress, Cotton Waste 2'X2', Cricket Bat English Willoe For Seaosn Bat, CTC Spray, Door Mate Green Grass Type Smooth, Double Side Foam Tape 1" Wide 3M, Drawing Pencil 2H Natraj, Drawing Pencil H Natraj, Drawing Pencil HB Natraj, Drawing Sheet 180Gsm 180 GSM, Emery Paper 00 Number, Emery Paper Rough, Emery Paper Smooth, Feric Cloride Powder, First Aid Box With All Medicine, Hair Brush Cleaning Small, Hose Clamp 1/2", Hose Pipe ½", Kurta And Pyajama Fabric For Gents, L Guard, Marine Rubber Mat, methyl isobutyl ketone (MIBK), MIRROR Diomond cutter For Cutting Mirror, Mosquito Spray Bottle, Naylon Brush, Oil Paint Colour Black 1 Litre Tin, Oil Paint Colour Red 1 Litre Tin, Oil Paint Golden Yellow Colour 1 Litre Tin, Oil Paint Light Gray Colour 1 Litre Tin, Oil Paint P.O Red Colour 1 Litre Tin, Oil Paint Round Brush 12 (9/32"), Organ Needle Original Full Shuttle Sewing Machine Needle, Paint Marker Pen Chisel Type Yellow Colour, Paint Marker Pen, Partian Blue Tube, Permanent Marker Pen, phenolphthalein solution, Pipe Clamp Super Fine, Pony Hand Needle, Povidone Iodine Ointment Usp Cream 20 Gramme, Puf Insulation Material, Rubber Eraser Big Size, Scissor Big Size Brass Handle, Season Ball For Cricket, Sharpener, Shuttle Cock White Colour, Sketch Pen 21 Colour Set, Soap 200 Gramme, Soft Board 4'X2' With Colour Push Pins 2 Packet, Soft Board Push Pin Colouring, Table Tennis Length:9 Feet, Teflon Tape, Tennis Ball Heavy Ball, Transparent Plastic Sheet, Tressing Paper, Vally Ball Leather Size-05 Shooting Ball, Vally Ball Net, Water Tape 1/2" For Water Cooler, White Board Duster, White Board Marker Pen 4 Colour Set, White Cement 1kg Bag, Wire Brush 50 Mm, Wooden Primer.
Sector Education And Research Institute Tender Value N.A.
Location Gujarat - India Ref.No 21293148
Closing Date 13 - Feb - 2017  |  21 Days to go View Tender Details
Purchase of Raw Material (General, Mechanical, KVK Items Group) - Abonite Sheet 600 X 600 X 5 Mm, Acid Proof Bucket, Aluminum Flat 50 X 3 Mm, Astral 1" Couplin, Astral Pvc Bend 100 Mm, Astral Pvc Connection Flexible Tube, Astral Pvc Dod Bend, Astral Pvc Floor Trap, Astral Pvc Gully Trap, Astral Pvc Multi Floor Trap 1/2", Astral Pvc Waste Pipe 2 1/2" 10 Feet, Astral Pvc Y Branch 100 Mm, Ball Nose Type Hss End Mill Cutter, Boring Tool 12 X 150 Mm, Boring Tool 8 X 150 Mm, Butane Gas Bottle 225 Gramme, C.I Block, C.I Round, C.I. Flat 50 X 6 Mm, C.I. Round Bar Dia 40 Mm, Capalary Tube, Capsule Type Pressure Gauge, Carbide Drill Bit, Carbide Drill Bit Dia 6 And Dia 10 Each 1 No, Carbide Tipped Boring Tool 8 Mm, Centre Drill Bs-5, Copper Flat 50 X 3 Mm, Copper T Joint 6 Mm, Copper Tube Dia 1/4", Electrode Holder, Foundation Bolt M10 X 100, G.I. Pipe Dia 1/2", Gas Welding Plant, Gasket, Gasket Sheet 2' X 1', Grinding Wheel Alluminium Odd side Wheel, Grooving Tool Tter2020 2t20 Fmt Only Insert, Gun Metal Box Nut 4 Tpi For Bench wise Approx 20 Mm, H.S.S Drill Bit 6 Mm, H.S.S Drill Bit Dia 10 Mm, H.S.S Drill Bit Dia 8 Mm, H.S.S Hand Hacksaw Blade, H.S.S Parellel Shank Twist Drill, H.S.S Tool Bit, H.S.S. Metal Cutting Hole Saw Cutter, Hair Brush Cleaning Small, HCL Soft, Hermatic Shielded Compressor, Hot And Cold Water Mixer Tap Heavy Brass Astral, Icometric Block Corn, Internal Square Thread, Internal V Thread Tool, Low Alloy Hand Hacksaw Blade, M.S Angle 50 X 50 X 6 Mm, M.S Electrode Dia 4 Mm, M.S Rivet 3 Mm, M.S. Flat 100 X 10 Mm, M.S. Pipe Dia 25 Mm, M.S. Round Bar Dia 10 Mm, M.S. Sheet 8' X 4' Dia 3.15 Mm, M.S. Square Bar 10 X 10 Mm, M.S. Tube Dia 6 Mm, MSCC Filler Rode Dia 1.6 Mm, N2 Gas Cylinder, Nut bolt M10 and M12 (each 10), Poly Propelin Flat, Poly Propelin Round Bar, Poly Propellin Round Bar, R-134 A Gas Refrigerant 500 Ml Bottle, RCC Drill Bit 3 Mm, Roller Scale 30 Cm, Roller Scale 30 Cm, Rtd Thermometer (pt 100), Rubber Sheet, Screw Clamp, Set Square, Solid Split Die Dia 1/4" And Dia 3/8" Each 1 No, Spring Steel 10 Gauge, Threading Tool Ser 2020 K16 Ony Insert, Turning Tool Mtjnr2020 K16 Wjdax Only Insert, Turning Tool Pclnr2020 K12 Only Insert, Water Meter 1/2"- 2" (15 Mm To 50 Mm), Water Tape 1/2" For Water Cooler, Welding Electrode Dia 3.15 Mm, WIRE BRUSH 50 MM, Wooden Handel For 0.125 kg. Hammer, Wooden Handel For 7.5 kg. Hammer.
Sector Security Services Tender Value N.A.
Location Gujarat - India Ref.No 21231553
Closing Date 09 - Feb - 2017  |  17 Days to go View Tender Details
Purchasing Of Plumbing And Carpentry Items At Gc, Crpf :- Bib Cock(Ptmt) ½ Inch , Nipple ( 1inch Dia. X 2 Inch L) , ½ Inch Gi Elbow , 1 ½ Inch X 1 Inch Socket , 1 ½ Inch X 1 1/4 Inch Gi Socket , ½ Inch Gi Coupling , 22''X18'' Kitchen Sink (stainless Steel) , Bathroom Mirror(14 Inch X 20 Inch) , C.P Brass Pillar Cock ½ Inch , Connection Pipe , Taflon Tape (10mter /per Nos.) , S.S Mosquito Proof Wire , Iron Nails , Tower Bolt(6 Inch) Aluminium , Sliding Door Bolt (10 Inch) Aluminium , Aluminium Handle , S.S But Hings (4 Inch) , Plywood 8 Mm Thick.
Sector Power Plant Tender Value Rs. 6.98 Lakh approx.
Location Gujarat - India Ref.No 21306310
Closing Date 09 - Feb - 2017  |  17 Days to go View Tender Details
Work of In situ re-tubing of Lube oil and Working oil coolers for Hydraulic Coupling of Boiler feed pump of 210 Mw Units at GTPS
Sector Education And Research Institute Tender Value N.A.
Location Gujarat - India Ref.No 21336323
Closing Date 09 - Feb - 2017  |  17 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of M.S Flat, M.S Round bar, M.S Electrode, M.S Filler Road, M.S Angle, Low Alloy Hacksaw Blade, Alloy Hacksaw Blade, C.S.K Head Screw Dia 5 X 15 Mm Long, Drill Bit 4 Mm, Alluminium Flat 50 X 3 Mm, Coper Flat, S.S Flat, G.I Pipe, M.S Pipe Dia 50 X 3 Mm Thick, Alluminium Pipe Dia 50 X 3 Mm Thick, Coper Tube Dia 1/4 Inch, Coper Tube Dia 25 Mm, Tunguston Electrode Dia 1.6 Mm, S.S Filler Wire Dia 1.6 Mm, Alluminium Filler Wire Dia 1.6 Mm With 5% Silicon, First Aid Kit, Cotton Waste, Engine Oil (20w40), Kerosine, Diesel , Grees, Emry Paper (rough And Smooth), Radiator Coolant, Soap (ditergent), M8 X 20 Mm Stud, Cylindrical Pin Dia 6 Mm X20 Mm Long , M8 Hexagonal Boalt, Cutting Oil , Cork Sheet, M Seal, Dori Rill 300 Mtr Colour, Machine Niddle 1/2 Round, Tailoring Chalk, Colour Kapad Cotton, Hand Suwing niddle , Simple Button, Ladiz Hook Small (50 Nos), Sizer For Cloth Cutting Big Size, Oil Kupi 200 Ml, Machine Oil 250 Gram , Bobin Steel 1/2 Round , Brown Paper, Cd (sony), Cd Cover, Staff Muster ( 25 Page), Laser Cover Full Size, Paka Puttha Register, White Board Marker Pen Blue, Colour Sketch Pen , Fecistick, Taproll White 1 & 2 Inch Each, Whitner Pen Type, Dongle, Postal Cover Big Size, Favicol (200 Ml), A4 Size Paper, Ligal Size Paper (80 G.S.M), Stapler, Stapler Pin, Aaa Battery For Rimot, 8 Gb Pen Drive (hp), 16 Gb Pen Drive (hp), Spring File (j.k), Box File (j.k), Paper Punch Big (kangaroo), Cd Marker Pen (cello), Student Muster For K.V.K(Small Size), Antivirus Np-Av, Nepkin Big Size 2 X 2.5 Feet, Carban Paper , Tankni (pin), Tankni (pin) Box. (Gujarati Document)
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